UH Alumni Foundation and Harris Connect What is Really Going On?

UH Alumni Association

I previously blogged about the UH Alumni Foundation emailing me trying to update their directory information.

Today I received the following email:

We are currently in the final stages of preparing University of Hawai’i Alumni Today, the first publication ever to feature directory listings along with photos and essays submitted by alumni. We need your help! A brief telephone call will ensure your listing is completely accurate and up-to-date.

Please, give us a call at your convenience this week so that we may verify your information with you.

CALL TODAY – TOLL FREE 1-866-874-7468
(Pacific Time)
Mon. – Fri. 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Sat. 5:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

International Residents: You may also call at:
USA Country Code (1) 757.965.8092
Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. UTC/GMT-8

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in making this publication a success. If you have already called, thank you for your quick response and your help. Please do not send updates in response to this message.

Mitchell Ka`aiali`i, BA '92, MBA '97

Mitchell Ka`aiali`i, BA ’92, MBA ’97
President 2008-10
University of Hawai’i Alumni Association
Janet Yoshida Bullard, BFA '82

Janet Yoshida Bullard, BFA ’82
Executive Director
University of Hawai’i Alumni Association

P.S. Harris Connect, LLC, a trusted partner of University of Hawai’i Alumni Association, has been chosen to produce our publication. Harris Connect’s commitment to protecting the privacy and ensuring the integrity of the information collected for the book is reflected in their privacy policy online at www.harrisconnect.com/privacy.html

I don’t know why UH is even dealing with Harris Connect in general.

Let me glean some quotes from the internet about this company:

Harris (should really be spelt HARASS) Connect is a sleazy would-be “publisher” of “alumni directories.” What they do is collect your private information from whatever schools you might have been affiliated with at some time in your life, then they pay “vendors” (a/k/a data-mining snoops) to harvest your current information. Then they call and write you and hound you to death, to “update” and “verify” your private data, so they can expand the NETWORK OF HARASSMENT. If you do not respond to their hounding calls and mailings, they will go ahead and PUBLISH YOUR PRIVATE DATA without your permission. Then they sell it to people who can in turn call or write or show up on your doorstep to harass you. They not only “publish” your information in soft and hardbound copies, but also CDs!

If you are tired of having your private data violated this way, call the School District office and tell them to STOP selling/sharing your information; and instruct Harris to get you out of their system.

Good luck.

PS Harris has many different contact phone numbers, including 800-877-6554, 877-625-4244, 757-965-8075, 800-927-8189. They need to learn how it feels to be harassed at all hours with nuisance calls and unwanted junk mailings, delving into their own private lives.


I received five (5) calls over the past week from this number. On two occasions, the callers said they were calling from “Harris Connect” and held for nearly three minutes. Like Susan, I think they are collecting data for my Alma Mater’s alumni directory as I have also been receiving postal mail urging me to “help them update” my directory entry for a publication which will sell for $1,000!!! I just registered my work number in the National Do-Not Call Registry at donotcall.gov and intend to file a complaint if they keep calling.


When you get a postcard in the mail that appears to be from your high school or college wanting your “current biographical information”, take a closer look.

Chances are good it’s not from your alumni association, but from an outfit in Virginia called “Harris Connect”.

Apparently some schools are stupid enough to release their alumni information to this company, which then gives them a kickback on any sales of their high-priced “directories”.

And if you enter the name of your high school followed by alumni, do you get to your high school website, or to a page run by some unknown company, that phishes for information?

Be careful. Just because some of your classmates are stupid doesn’t mean you have to follow.

Have your significant other give them a call and explain that you died of dengue fever while on a Habitat for Humanity mission with Jimmy Carter in Central America.

“Being ignorant is not so much a Shame, as being unwilling to learn.”
— Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1755

So needless to say… you anyone can do a quick search on Harrisconnect and scam/fraud as the keywords.

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61 Responses

  1. Total scammers! I fell for the deal hoping to contact high school friends. I did receive a CD, but for the wrong years…

  2. Sounds like a lot of disgruntled employees to me

  3. We never heard of Harris till we ck our bank and there is a $55.00 chg from them.

  4. Harris is a pain in the ass. They start mailing their cards to some family member, they think nothing if it, and trash them. Then they start calling. So what I end up doing is contacting customer support and get that family member taken off their mailing lists. Some months pass and more postcards to another family member. Wash, rinse, and repeat. As you can see, most people don’t care about these directories. Personally, I think these directories are an abuse magnet, such as being used for junk mail lists. I’ve taken the step to remove my name from the directory entirely.

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