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Hawaii County Asking for Assistance on Surveys

Hawaii County is seeking feedback on the following surveys:

Recycling and Transfer Station Survey:

Environmental Management logo with link to surveymonkey RTS survey Opens in new window

Public Works Survey:
Click here for the Public Works Survey Opens in new window

Integrated Resources and Solid Waste Management Plan:

Environmental Management logo with link to surveymonkey IRSWMP survey Opens in new window

Parx Rant on Pakalolo Grant

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the Pakalolo Grants that were available and it does appear that I have at least one reader of this blog.


Kauai blogger Andy Parx writes in his post “Suckling on the Teat of Absurdity“:

…No this is not a joke. And what’s more it wants people to study only indigenous groups including “Native Hawaiians”.

This stuff is absolutely too bizarre to make up.

According to a “funding opportunity notice from the U.S. Health & Human Services Department’s National Institutes of Health” six $500,000 grants- for a total of $3 million- are available…

…Your tax dollars at work. Anyone still looking for hope and change?

Andy… I know this disturbs you greatly… but I got a kick out of seeing the release written the way it was, and I’ve seen much more waste with a lot of other projects that the government funds.

Video – 2009 Ironman World Championships Awards

Here is a picture of Big Island’s own Bree Wee crossing the Ironman finish line.  She blogged about her experience on her blog “Bree Wee: Mom & Triathlete“.

Bree Wee Crosses the Ironman Finish Line

Bree Wee Crosses the Ironman Finish Line

And here is a video of the Awards Ceremony:


*UPDATE* Starbulletin Bulletin on the Gun… WE DID HAVE A SURGE!


Received an Update from Barbara as she has been out of town and was unable to update her blog.

In today’s Starbulletin they have the following article:

Silent Surge: A Wave of at Least 6 Feet Hit the Big Island After the September 29 Samoa Quake

An 8.0-magnitude earthquake near Samoa generated a 6- to 8-foot wave in Keauhou Bay on the Big Island on Sept. 29, witnesses and photos suggest….

Well the  Starbulletin even pulled it’s pictures from another Big Island Blog, Guava Bee, that posted the 4 pictures that were used in the article.

Barbara Uechi, author of the Guava Bee blog, was very specific in noting that those pictures were not from a recent wave surge or tsunami.

When Hawaii received word that the deadly tsunami that hit Samoa last week would not pose a similar threat to our shores, folks were still warned to stay out of the water. Surges, like the ones that appeared at Keauhou Bay have affected us before. Take a look at some photos received from Scott McCoy of Blue Hawaiian Helicopters.

Here is just one of the images that Barbara posted on her blog posting a few days earlier entitled “Tsunami Surge in Keahou Bay

The image that the Starbulletin Leads the Story with

The image that the Starbulletin Leads the Story with

Now you wonder why I think our papers suck… it’s from moves like this!

TRAILER – Wipeout: John Carroll’s Self-Destructive Ride to the Hawaii Governors Mansion

I’m just passing this along and had no part in making this. I have no knowledge of the hidden message within this little movie… but I’m sure I’ll be finding out soon enough if I post this.

Trailer for the forthcoming documentary film about the John Carroll for Governor campaign (a.k.a. Citizens for Carroll) based on inside accounts and newly-discovered internal documents recently presented to the State Campaign Spending Commission (CSC). The paperback version of “Wipeout” can be downloaded at no charge from http://www.citizensforcarroll.com. The complaint alleges widespread fraud in the campaign committee’s official disclosure reports filed with the Hawaii CSC. The alleged fraud appears intended to disguise lawbreaking and an attempt to cover up the campaign’s contractual obligation to a political consulting and marketing firm. This scandal comes on the heels of another scandal which saw a senior campaign aide confessing to plotting an illegal cyber-attack on a state legislator’s office manager.


Wordless Wednesday – A Spiders Web

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