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Former Stephens Newspapers Now on Twitter

Well of course our local Big Island Newspapers STILL don’t get it.

I’ve been communicating with a former Stephens Newspaper editor via Twitter… The Bellingham Herald and they were full on stoked to be able to join the “Twitter World”.

The Bellingham Herald Building

The Bellingham Herald Building

When will our local papers get with it?

Sink or swim papers… giving you a short time.

Online sites like Hawaii247.0rg can provide much better and more timely sources then our own papers.

We can watch timely videos of Big Island things via Big Island Video News.

We can also now find online information about up to date things in almost every part of the Big Island via the FBI Blogs.

Some folks have asked why I “Hate” the local papers… I’ve never said I “Hate” the local papers.  Most of the folks that work there are great folks.

I hate the fact that the news we receive from them isn’t even “News” most of the time.

I haven’t read one thing in a local paper recently that I can’t find out more information about the actual event/article online then I do in our own papers.

You look inside of the papers… it’s all AP generated stuff that’s even more old news.

Why even call our local “Newspapers” … NEWSpapers…

I think I might just start tagging them as “Old news is better then no News” type of “Rags”.

Which does really suck.

As much as I hate to admit it… I am a news junky… it sucks… I can find news and “CREATE” news on my own now because are local agencies just don’t get it yet.

5 Responses

  1. Just like you scream “They don’t get it,” this post shows you “don’t get it,” either. Newspapers aren’t dying because of bloggers, they’re dying because of Craigslist.

    Owning a newspaper used to be one of the most profitable businesses one could hope for: check out Hearst Castle or watch the movie “Citizen Kane.” There’s still good money to be made in ads, but the thing that has really devastated the balance sheets of newspaper is that classified ads, which used to be a _major_ source of revenue, have really withered away, especially in big cities.

    In the face of declining revenues, what the newspapers have done, time and again, is cut costs by, just as you say, abandoning local content in favor of assembling stuff from the wire services or cutting-and-pasting from press releases (you know who’s really bad about running vendor-provided barely-disguised commercials? The local TV stations in that gap between the anchors reading the news at a desk and going to weather…).

    The only local editorial that the newspapers really care about is local sports, because they are well aware that people are always thrilled to see the names of their kids in the newspaper.

  2. newspaper reader: I agree most editors would repeatedly whack Damon with the grammar and spelling stick. He’d be rather bruised by now!
    AP remains a leading sources of news globally and we certainly need that kind of reporting.
    Hawaii247 tries – as a public service – to bring you relevant information in a more timely fashion than your once-a-day newspaper. Many times that means simply giving you the information. No reporting, no interpretation.

  3. This is a joke right? You don’t see the importance of newspapers? For one, they have editors who would cringe at your poorly arranged sentence structure and horrible spelling.
    The papers may have AP generated stuff. It’s still news. I clicked on the link to Hawaii 24/7 and was interested in the Mokulele go! partnership. Went to the so called article and it’s a Press Release! A press release verbatim hardly qualifies as “reporting”.

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