2009 – 2010 Hawaii County Charter Review and Proposed Ammendments

2009 – 2010 Charter Review

This year is the fourth ten-year review of our County Charter.
The Mayor has appointed an 11 member Commission which is beginning the review process.
The Commission is seeking input from County agencies and any interested citizen or organization.
The Commission plans to hold meetings for the remainder of 2009 and early 2010, after which the proposed amendments will be acted upon by the voters in an election in the year 2010.

All Meetings are open to the public.


Public Hearings Notice

Current County Charter

Proposed Ammendments:

CA-1 Water Supply Replaces Manager with Manager Chief Engineer
CA-2 Data Systems Move to Article VI
CA-3 Fire Department Move To Article VII
CA-4 Civil Service Amendment
CA-5 Merit Appeals Board Amendment
CA-6 Removal of Directors Serving Under Commissions Amendment
CA-7 Recall Procedure Amendment.pdf
CA-8 Claims and Annual Reports
CA-9 Special Meeting Notice Requirement Amendment
CA-10 Adds to the Powers Duties and Functions of DEM Amendment
CA-11 Director of DEM Amendment
CA-12 Initiation of Amendments or Revisions Amendment
CA-13 Mandatory Charter Review Amendment


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