Open Challenge to Big Island Newspapers… Who Will Sing First?

I’m willing to place a bet that my blog will last longer then the Hawaii Tribune Herald or the West Hawaii Today.

Heck… they already charge you for their archives… mine will be free and much more easily accessible soon enough.

I’ll bet $1.00 to anyone that thinks the Big Island papers can stay in business longer then I can with my production costs of $15.00 per year for name maintenance?

Anyone willing to bet me a buck that I can keep blogging longer then our local papers stay in business?

I’m willing to place my $1.00 to up to 100 Folks… However you need to comment here to take up this bet.

I say Big Island Papers are pretty much dead in 10 years.

Yeah… I’m talking a lot of shit here cause this is a big institution on this island…

But pfft… they suck…

Need I mind you that the folks that work for the papers are great… only the institutions themselves suck.


8 Responses

  1. Damon, that’s a sucker bet if I ever heard one. You can’t lose really. Why? Because you don’t have to turn a profit to keep blogging (either do I); the newspapers need profit to stay alive. The only way you can lose is if you die first…then you won’t have to pay off your bet anyway…so it’s a moot point, my friend.

  2. This terrifying thought just crossed my mind — what if they start blogging instead, like you?

    Dude, I’m scared. :)

  3. Yeah, I’ll put a $1 on “there will be a print daily newspaper delivered island-wide in 2019″…

    There will still be enough local businesses interested in that channel to a broad local market.

    • Larry… you are the “Grandfather” of bloggers on this Island starting way before Hunter Bishop even knew of a blog.

      I know your blog will still be around in 10 years….

      I’ll be kind of happy to buck up to you in 10 years if these papers do survive.

      Doubt they will.

  4. Pfft. I’m calling you out on this one. It might be longer than ten years.

    I think you may overlook that this rustic island is behind the times for a reason. People seem to like it that way. The power of the internet is only in the hands of those who have access to it, and frankly- not many people may have it considering the issues that some residents on this island have with their ISP’s. Hell, my DSL got downgraded because the 3 wasn’t available in this part of town that I now live in. Once this entire island is internet ready, and then it will work better. As it stands now- there are many areas that are completely off the grid.

    • Well RJ…

      Like I said… I’ll put my money where my blog stands… you have a dollar in your pocket in 10 years if these local papers survive in a print format…

      But if they don’t survive… I’m coming after you for my dollar.

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