Quick Question for the FBI Bloggers


Members of the FBI Blogs, can you please send me an email to damontucker @ yahoo.com in the next few days with the answer to the following:

What Hawaii County District do you live in?

I’m working with someone to upgrade the site and I want to try and see if we can get a blog writer from every district blogging… but I need to know what districts might be missing at this point.

I wonder if our local papers even have writers from EVERY District on this island at times.

So please send me an email when you get the chance.

Also, if there are any changes you would like to make in your “Profiles” now would be a good time to let me know about them.

More information will be sent after I have compiled some basic information.

The URL link will remain the same as I’m doing beta testing as the site is developed.

Also, if you know of any other Big Island blogs I should keep an eye on… let me know.


Potato Progress

Three months ago I mentioned that my ohana started growing some potatoes and this picture below was the start of the project.

Potatoes 7/9/09

Project Start 7/9/09


Well they aren’t ready yet, but they sure have took off:

10/11/09 Pretty Soon

10/11/09 Pretty Soon

I even have learned that some of the varieties produce a little flower.

I didn't know potatoes had flowers

I didn't know potatoes had flowers

I guess we had the buckets to close together as they are starting to get intertwined, but no matter… you don’t eat potato leafs do you?

Mixed Potatoes

Mixed Potatoes

As long as they stay on our side of the fence, we will be eating french fries soon enough.



The Best Haunted House on Oahu!

Hawaii’s Best Haunted House! Walk through the tunnel of terror, 3-D house of scream and meet face-to-face frozen people in our cryogenic freezer as they come to life and… Well, come to Wet’n’Wild Hawaii and find out!


This is what you can expect if you check out Wet n’ Wild in Hawaii during their Festival of Fear during the month of October. Special Haunted Houses are set up all over the Park including the Freezer and the Terror Tunnel.


(second video provided by @alohabruce )

Pacific Rim Summit on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy


The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), a leader in industrial biotechnology is pleased to announce the fourth annual Pacific Rim Summit on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy. This meeting will address the latest issues in industrial biotechnology including algae for fuels, marine bio-resources, advanced biofuels, renewable hydrocarbons, biopolymers and bioplastics, dedicated energy crops, and much more.

Click here to see the speakers that will be presenting those four days.

Bio Summit

It looks like there is a great list of presentations that will be presented and you can see that list here:  Presentations