Councilwoman Naeole to Go Before Board of Ethics for “Pen Throwing” Incident Next Week

Naeole and her Fiance Raymond

Naeole and her Fiance Raymond

I just noticed that it Councilwoman Emily Naeole will be going before the Board of Ethics for the alleged pen throwing incident that occurred during the Hawaii County Council Meeting on Wednesday the 14th of October:

a. Petition No. 2009-9: Petitioners allege that a County officer or employee violated Section 2-83(a)(3) of the Code of Ethics (regarding fair treatment) by throwing a pen at the June 2, 2008, County Council meeting.

You can view the full document here: “Board of Ethics, 10/14/09 Agenda

I’d love to see video of this before I pass judgment and have requested Big Island Video News to see if they have any footage of this.

I’ve sailed a few inadvertent pens in my life… I’m sure I’ll sail a keyboard soon enough.

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