Spy Seeking Hawaiian Island Bombshells


The search begins now! Spy is scouring the islands, asking questions and taking names (taking photos in fact), searching for the 1st Spy Hawaiian Bombshell Model. This November, among the lush tropics, one lucky beauty will lock down a one-year modeling contract with Spy and say “Aloha” to her place in the modeling world.

The winner will be invited to participate in the 2010 Spy global ad campaign photo shoot, during the 2009 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. This winner will be chosen from a combination of at least three current photos plus a video or written submission of “why” she should be chosen as the 1st Spy Hawaiian Bombshell.

The winner will be selected by the Spy family of both professional surf athletes and staff.  The model’s look must align to the Spy brand by exuding a healthy lifestyle connecting to the women’s market by adding a fresh, alluring image to Spy’s game.

The winner will receive a published photo in connection with Spy’s 2010 global ad campaign, an image CD from the photo shoot and global exposure through Spy’s website.  Photo shoot accommodations and Hawaii interisland transportation will be provided.  A prize pack, consisting of a year’s supply of sunglasses, sandals and swimwear, valued at $2000 is included.

The winner will be considered for additional future modeling opportunities within Spy.  The winner must be 18 years or older, currently residing in Hawaii and available during the photo shoot dates, which will be released by November 10th, 2009.  For more details and complete rules and regulations, please visit spyoptic.com.

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