The End of Paradise… Drive

I finally got a chance to see the end of Paradise Drive… and it looked like this:
2009 09 30 11 12 05

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  1. I feel I suck at picture taking, too, but I manage to show stuff and convey what I mean with my photos, and from what I’ve seen of your blog, so do you.

    • I try my best to do what I can w/ what crappy cameras I do have. I will never say I’m a pro anything ever. I’ve always just said I’m a dude running a blog.

      Truth be told… I’ve long hated the fact that we don’t get much news on the Big Island. If I can provide an online resource that folks might be interested in… then I feel I have accomplished something small in this world.

      Hopefully some day I can afford the equipment that “paid bloggers” and folks that get honestly paid to blog get to use.

      I’m just a dude trying to learn what I can and spread the news that isn’t being spread at times.

      Maybe… some day… real institutions will take bloggers and other folks who want to spread the truth as we know it seriously?

      • Some bloggers are taken seriously, but in general, blogs are still considered just personal musings/rants.

        I’ve read that you’re trying to promote Hawaii with this blog and shore up the local economy by reminding people that the islands are still a good place to visit. I hope your blog gets more attention.

        And you can do a lot with a cheap camera. I look back on some of the stuff I took with an old Ixus and it wasn’t bad. Just small. :-)

  2. Hi, Damon! I came here from Tom’s blog (A Pacific View), and seeing your photo after his gave me a laugh. Quite the contrast!

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