I’m Going to Miss This Place… The Waikiki Resort Hotel

Well tonight marks my last night of an eventful 4 days and 3 nights in Waikiki.

It’s been great from the very second I arrived here.

The Waikiki Resort Hotel (a sponsor) has been very kind to me the last few days.

Look at this fruit assortment that was awaiting for me when I checked in!

When I get back home… I’ll be posting another post about this place when I catch up on some other things.

Mahalo Waikiki Resorts Hotel!
2009 10 29 17 24 00

Sig Zane Offering ONLINE Clearance Sale

While most folks are gonna think I’m blogging about this because I have a Sig Zane ad on my site, the truth be known… I just found out the following because I was planning on going down there tomorrow to pick up a “CRISP ALOHA SHIRT” as mandated by something I will be attending tomorrow.

Folks know I’ve blogged a lot about my love for Sig Zane products long before they became a sponsor and only recently I found out that there is a family tie between us

I just noticed that Sig Zane is having a clearance sale and you can even order the stuff online!!! How cool is that!  Here is just a small sample of some of the things I saw on their Clearance Sale part of their website.

Bluebell Ka Iwaiwa O Ku`u Popo A`eloa Blouse

Bluebell Ka Iwaiwa O Ku`u Popo A`eloa Blouse

See details

Market price: $59.00
Price: $28.50
save 52%

Earth Waiakeakua A`eloa Blouse

Earth Waiakeakua A`eloa Blouse

See details

Market price: $59.00
Price: $28.50
save 52%

Honey Lauloa A`eloa Blouse

Honey Lauloa A`eloa Blouse

See details

Market price: $59.00
Price: $28.50
save 52%

Maize Mapumaike`ala Pullover Aloha Shirt

Maize Mapumaike`ala Pullover Aloha Shirt

See details

Market price: $79.00
Price: $63.20
save 20%

Natural Mapumaike`ala Buttondown Aloha Shirt

Natural Mapumaike`ala Buttondown Aloha Shirt

See details

Market price: $79.00
Price: $63.20
save 20%

Periwinkle Mapumaike`ala Buttondown Aloha Shirt

Periwinkle Mapumaike`ala Buttondown Aloha Shirt

See details

Market price: $79.00
Price: $63.20
save 20%

A Waikiki View

I’ve seen everything… so I thought! Here is a street vendor soliciting views of Jupiter through a telescope… and people are bucking up!

Puna Sustainability Expo Coming Up


The New Crocs

Well I finally broke down and bought something. I think I need to ask Crocs if they wanna sponsor a blog.
2009 10 30 16 17 33

Waimea, Big Island


The other day I had the chance to do some running around in Waimea on the Big Island.  I lucked out as the weather was beautiful up there and it was actually warm.

Here are some random pictures I took of some things that interested me.

Waimea Peace Pole

The Waimea Peace Pole


It's Tutu's House


The Hawaiian Blue & The Kamehameha Lady. In honor of Alma Pelosi (mom of 7)

I think this one is self explanatory

I think this one is self explanatory


I need to find the one that says "Knocking on Hell's Door"


Can you hear me now?


Not Hawaii Time... Waimea Time


It says it all

To Each Their Own

This guy is protesting abortions in front of the Kamehameha statue in Downtown Honolulu.
2009 10 30 10 05 52


Sorry about typos on my blog for next few days. Blogging from my phone and I can’t edit my posts from it.



Hawaiian Airlines Near Miss Today

I was on Hawaiian Airlines Flight 383 today.

As we were about 20-30 feet from touching down… the plane all of a sudden aborted its landing and immediately started climbing again.

Everyone on the plane was tripping out. We had no idea what was going on… until the pilot came on the intercom telling us there was a small plane on the runway!

WTF!!! That scared the crap out of me!

We circled around the airport once and then had a routine landing.

Does anyone know of a site where I can. find out exactly what happened on this flight?

As we were unboarding, I saw the pilots filling out something I’ve never seen before, this had to have been reported to FAA.

Let me know if you know of some site where reported incidences like this happen… and ho common is this?

So I Met an Admiral!

Today, I had the chance to meet the Commander of the Pacific Forces Admiral Willard.

I will be posting more about this when I return to the Big Island.

For those of you that I told to watch my twitter feed at 3:00 to see what the surprise was… I apologize.

For some reason… no one in the room was able to catch their data plans.

I wouldn’t doubt that was because of all the logistics and translators that were working this network of little Kiosks next to us.

I asked to take a picture of that room, but officials would not allow me.

More to come when I get home and can upload the media I have from the event.

I was told that I was the only blogger in attendance and that they had NEVER invited one before… so for this… I’d like to say thanks to those that were involved in bringing me over for this.
2009 10 29 15 21 02

The Dark Side of the Moon… in the Daytime

Have you ever looked up in the sky…


… And wondered why you can’t see the dark side of the moon in the daytime?

Dark Side of the Moon

I bet Andrew, Tom, Anthony, or Canspice can give me a reasonable explanation.

I understand the sun is on that side etc… but why can’t I at least see the round black dark side of the moon in the daytime?

Video of Yesterdays Missile Test Off Kauai

JS Myoko, Japan’s third destroyer equipped with Lockheed Martin’s Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) system, successfully intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile target above the atmosphere during a test event today. The test marked the 20th successful ballistic missile intercept by the system…

More Here

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mD5k105B2Zw&hl=en&fs=1&]Footage of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF), in cooperation with the United States Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and the U.S. Navy, will conduct an Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) intercept flight test at the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF), off the coast of Kauai in Hawaii. The event, designated Japan Flight Test Mission 3 (JFTM-3), marks the third time that a JMSDF ship will demonstrate the sea-based midcourse ballistic missile defense capability provided by Aegis BMD. Click here to download the full resolution version: http://dvidshub.net/r/n8ibkb

I’m Disgusted With Your Decision Judge Hara and Prosecutor Nagata

Murderer Randal Randup

Killed his own son and only got 2 years... pfft!

I’m really disgusted with your decision Judge Hara to impose a measly fricking two year sentence on MURDERER Randy Randrup.

“The state entered into the plea agreement based on the state’s evaluation of the admissible evidence in the case,” Nagata said. “The state made a decision that was not a popular decision, but what we thought was a necessary decision.”

Pfft… state evaluations…

I’ll STATE that your EVALUATION sucked!

Get it together folks…

Prosecute and sentence weed growers for longer time then murderers… PFFT!


Punatoons - 9/8/09

Wordless Wednesday – Stop


Bus Seen in Waimea, Big Island on 10/27

My Hawaii Story Project

Media Release:

The Hawai‘i Conservation Alliance Foundation, The Pacific Writers’ Connection, and ING DIRECT today announced a Fundraiser and Celebration of My Hawai’i Story Project, to be held on Saturday, November 14, 2009.

The events start at 8 a.m. with a free My Hawai‘i Fair, featuring activities and educational materials for all ages. Then culminating the Fair will be a public reading by My Hawai‘i student authors and a reception to follow from 4:30 to 6: 30 p.m.  A silent auction featuring books, art, special nature tours, and other special offers will be on display and open for bidding at the ING DIRECT Café from November 7, 2009. Funds raised will support the 2010 writing contest. Everyone is invited to join in this celebration of children’s writing.

Location: ING DIRECT Café

1958 Kalakaua Ave.

Honolulu, Hi. 96815

Ph. (808) 955-1435

My Hawaii Story Project is a Middle School writing contest held annually that invites students to write a story, poem or essay to reflect their thoughts and feelings about what makes Hawai‘i’s environment special to them. Since the Project launched in 2007, 1,172 students have participated, and 75 students writings were published in the annual anthologies. Several student authors will be reading their poems and stories from the 2009 Anthology at the celebration.

“Students eagerly participate in this writing exercise each year hoping to share their experiences of Hawai‘i,” said 7th and 8th grade English teacher at Le Jardin Academy, Marcia Huber about the My Hawai’i Story Project. “As a teacher, I am thrilled to be able to provide a real life writing situation that interests my students. This collection of stories and poems is a valuable teaching tool for classrooms, sparks discussions, and provides future writing opportunities,” she added.

Complimentary valet parking will be available off Pau Street for the event.

For more information on the “My Hawai‘i Story Project”, including a list of the winning entries and a PDF version of the anthology, visit the website at www.hawaiiconservation.org .

Campaigning for Climate Change, Sen. Gary Hooser Takes Part in Local Events


(left to right) State Senate Majority leader, Sen. Gary Hooser, Congressman Ed Case, and event organizer Keith Rose

Media Release:

After fighting against furloughs this past week, State Senate Majority leader, Gary Hooser was working this weekend to take part in the International Day of Climate Change and campaign against carbon emissions. He was joined by Congressman Ed Case and over one hundred Oahu residents for a rally and 350.org photograph at the State Capitol on Saturday.


“The effects of climate change and sea level rise are increasingly evident in our island ecosystems.  We see it on our coral reefs, shorelines and native forests,” said Sen. Hooser.


Sen. Hooser speaks before rally attendees

Over twenty years ago, NASA scientist named James Hansen found that 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was the limit for a habitable planet. The Hawaii state capitol rally was part of an “international campaign dedicated to building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis–the solutions that science and justice demand,” according to the 350.org website.


“As a State Senator and as Lieutenant Governor, I aim to make energy independence and earth friendly programs a priority,” said Sen. Hooser. He also urged attendees to be active in their practice of sustainable living personally, socially and politically. “It will take committed leadership at all levels – at the government level, in the halls of business, in our schools and most importantly within our community itself,” he said.

Also on Saturday, Hooser participated in The Blue Planet Foundation’s Blue Line Project that marked the potential effects of sea level rise, if action is not taken by the international community to combat climate change.

Local conservation advocate, Marjorie Ziegler called Sen. Hooser a friend of the environment and added that he “understands the importance of protecting Hawaii’s natural environment and is willing to take the tough stands needed to preserve our fragile coastlines, streams and mountain areas.”


Oahu residents participate in the International Day of Climate Change at the State Capitol on Saturday, October 24. Sen. Gary Hooser is pictured center, holding a white 350 sign.

“I think that Gary is a real sustainability candidate,” said Andrea Dean, a sustainable business advocate. “He can use the platform of Lieutenant Governor to move our state forward in ways that balance our economy and our environment.”

One of the most recent examples of Hooser’s leadership in advocating for sustainable practices is his authorship of the Solar Mandate Bill, requiring all new homes built in Hawai’i after January 1, 2010 to have a solar hot water heater or other highly efficient system installed. “Solar Hot water is a low-hanging fruit. Its a simple and affordable, proven technology that should be on top of everyone’s house. The technology and solutions are out there to reduce our dependency on energy that is harmful to our islands and harmful to our planet,” said Sen. Hooser. “Its a great policy that puts Hawaii on the map for green technology innovation,” he added. Sen. Hooser, also aims for his 2010 campaign for Lt. Governor to be the first ever in Hawai’i to go carbon neutral to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight global climate change.

Recently, two former directors of the Hawaii chapter of the Sierra Club, Jeff Mikulina (1998-2008) and David Kimo Frankel (1996-1998), endorsed Senator Gary Hooser for Lt. Governor in 2010.

“As someone who has been active in advocating for Hawaii’s sustainability for over a decade, I’m supporting Gary Hooser for Lt. Governor,” said Mikulina. “Gary has earned my support through his honest, thoughtful, and smart approach to leadership and policymaking. He’s not afraid to make the tough political decisions that will benefit many–today and tomorrow. ”

David Kimo Frankel, recounting his years of lobbying for the Sierra Club had shown him that “there are not many people who can successfully navigate the system with integrity, intelligence and a progressive ideology. Gary Hooser is the kind of person we need at the statewide level here in Hawai`i,” he said.


2009 Moku O Keawe International Festival Excursions to Famous Sites


Media Release:

Mahai`ula, North Kona, was the home of Magoon family and this idyllic setting has been described by Helen Desha Beamer in a name song of that beautiful place.  The area is one of the parks now known as Kekaha Kai, a trio of white sand beaches north of the Keahole Airport.

When Aunty Helen wrote of the journey from the pier at Kailua, up the coastline, to the pristine waters of Mahai`ula in the calm, she painted a picture for us to enjoy forever. The song continues to be a favorite hula and will be one of featured at this year’s Moku O Keawe International Festival at Waikoloa Beach Resort this November 5 – 8.

An excursion to Mahai`ula with Kumu Hula Kaleo Trinidad of Ka Leo O Laka I Ka Hikina O Ka La, takes place on Saturday, November 7.  In addition to sharing the beloved stories of the Beamer and Magoon families, Trinidad will teach the hula to the song written for that place.  Trinidad has led his halau, Ka Leo O Laka I Ka Hikina O Ka La, through many Merrie Monarch Festival competitions and has won both the kane and wahine’s top titles! Sign up for the excursion today.

Take a journey to the cultural significant grounds at Keauhou, Kona and learn about King Kalakaua as he spent much time in the area.  The heiau of Hapai Alii has been restored allowing a view into the brilliance of the ancients.  Kumu Hula Keala Ching will lead the class with the historical and cultural background of this famous place and will teach a hula kahiko “Ponimo`i `O Kalakaua”, a chant he composed to honor King David Kalakaua and his many accomplishments for his people.  Participants will also learn protocol as ho`okupu will be presented at Hapai Alii.  Stories of the district and how governance and the relationship to hula will be shared.

Both excursions will be on Saturday November 7, departing at Waikoloa’s Marriot Beach Resort and Spa at 900 am.  Lunch is included in the class fees.  Participants are invited to showcase what they have learned at the Festival’s Ho`ike Concert to be held on Sunday, November 8th.

Cultural workshops are part of the 2009 Moku O Keawe International Festival to be held November 5 – 8, at the Waikoloa Beach Resort.  The annual event, now in its fourth year, celebrates hula and its related arts through its educational workshops on hula, including traditional protocol.  2009 will offer a competition for the Women’s Division in hula kahiko and auwana.  There will also be a night of competition with the Kupuna Wahine, including group and solo.  The Sunday evening event will be a special concert at the Waikoloa Bowl with Amy Hanaialii.

The non-profit Moku O Keawe Foundation sets the guidelines for all events and continually challenges that the bar is lifted to enrich the community.  Through sponsorships, grants, and fundraising efforts, the Festival broadens the experiences of dancers on an international level.  In the past four years, many halau from Hawaii, Japan, and Tahiti, have shared their hula. As a private nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing, enriching and educating the practice and development of hula and its associated arts, its focus is to build, strengthen and inspire the living cultural traditions of Hawaii.

For more information, visit our website at www.mokuokeawe.org.

Mayor Kenoi Proclaims Today BJ Penn Day

BJ and Kenoi

Media Release:

Mayor Billy Kenoi bid good luck to Hilo mixed martial arts fighter BJ Penn Tuesday as the fighter left to prepare for the defense of his Ultimate Fighting Championship world lightweight title.

Mayor Kenoi lauded Penn as a “positive role model and mentor to youth in our community” at the fighter’s Kino‘ole Street gym.

Billy and BJ

Kenoi proclaimed “BJ Penn Day” October 27 in Hawai‘i County as Penn left to begin serious training this week in Orange County, California, for his December 12 title defense in Memphis, Tennessee.

Penn is the #1 ranked lightweight mixed martial arts fighter in the world and currently holds the UFC lightweight title.

“BJ Penn has the full support and backing of a legion of Big Island family, friends and fans whose cheers should be loud enough to hear in Memphis on December 12,” Kenoi said.

Penn and his family reside in Hilo where he operates his mixed martial arts-related business ventures. Penn also delivers anti-drug and anti-violence messages to  Big Island youth.

Mayor Kenoi called on residents to “recognize and support the contributions of BJ Penn to our island.”

“He’s a champion in our hearts in every way,” Kenoi said, “He’s the pride of the Big Island and we wish him the best of luck in his next fight.”

Kenoi and Penn

Just Think Mobile

The “Just Think Mobile” in Waimea

Last Nights Moon and Jupiter… and UFO’s?

Thanks to the hattip from Andrew Cooper over at the Darkerview, I pulled my butt off my chair and went outside and caught these pictures of the Moon and Venus Jupiter last night:

Moon and Venus

Of course… I’m using a junk camera so in the picture above… Venus Jupiter looks like a UFO.

Here is a better picture that I was able to take… Not bad considering I’m a few miles away using a $100.00 camera?  LOL

Venus and Mars