How Many Times is This?

Anyone want to take a guess at how many times it will take to get Highway 19 paved correctly?

3 Responses

  1. The amount of redone paving work on island roads is ridiculous. I practically break my suspension getting to the highway, and then you get to some area that’s undergoing “work” and it takes 5 years and 3 redos to get the paving done.

  2. You know, when we hit that ground up section of the road today I said to my wife, “you know, I could swear that they already repaved this section”, but I wasn’t sure.

    I noticed there was a very rough patch where they had finished one stretched and started a new one. They must be using Three Stooges Contracting for that job; I can’t believe how long it’s taken and how many stops and starts have happened. Will be happy when it’s done.

  3. Building roads is not something the County and State know how to do. West Hawaii has built one road over the past 20 years. They constantly repave and immediately digg it up.
    Not to smart!

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