Is UH Really Updating Their Alumni Information?

Did any other UH Alumni receive this?  I’m a bit suspicious of it.
From:  “University of Hawai’i”>

To: “University of Hawai’i Alumni” <>
RE: University of Hawai’i Update
Please review your online Verification Form. (Link Removed) Thank you in advance for your assistance in this important matter.

Now we need your confirmation of the information listed in this file.

Dear Mr. Tucker Damon ’99,

We asked our manager of alumni records to assemble your Alumni Data by cross-referencing the most recent information in your University of Hawai‘i file. In conjunction with the verification of Alumni Data, we are also creating a treasured resource that will not only contain listings for thousands of fellow alumni but will also give you a chance to share your stories, pictures and life experiences with friends and former classmates.

But now we need your help.

Please take 30 seconds to look over the information currently reflected in your streamlined Data Verification Form. (This convenient online form is fully-encrypted using state-of-the-art technology to protect your personal information.)

The University of Hawai‘i analyzed the records of more than 211,000 alumni to separate outdated contact and alumni information from the most current data in our files.

University of Hawai'i

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  1. I highly recommend everyone click on the “unsubscribe” link and get off the Harris list. If they call to “update their list” ask them to remove you immediately.

    Shame on UH for associating with Harass. It shows they don’t care about the alumni, just about squeezing you for $$$$.

  2. Aloha,

    I’d like to offer some information about the UH alumni directory project and hopefully address the concerns posted here.

    We understand and appreciate the concerns that have been generated by the e-mail sent Monday to all UH alumni. We plan to send our own e-mail today to further explain the project and let folks know it is legitimate.

    The message was sent on behalf of the UH Foundation and UH Alumni Association by Harris Connect, LLC, with whom we have partnered to produce the 2010 University of Hawai’i alumni print directory. The directory, which will be released next spring, will contain listings of University of Hawai’i alumni and will be a resource for them to share their stories, pictures and life experiences with friends and former classmates.

    Harris Connect will be selling the directory to alumni, but neither the UH Foundation nor the UH Alumni Association will profit from it. The money Harris Connect earns from the sale of directories covers the cost of updating our database of more than 211,000 alumni records. This information is instrumental in our efforts to keep alumni connected with and build support for the University of Hawai’i.

    The directory information is also available for free to alumni on our Web site: You can set up a username and password for free to access the directory. This has been a great resource for alumni who are looking to reconnect with their UH classmates or network. (There are many other features available to alumni on the site, including UHAA event postings, UHAA membership information and a career networking section.)

    Above all, we have the utmost respect for your privacy. If you do not wish to be included in either the print or online alumni directory, please give us a call or send us an e-mail to let us know. We want everyone to have the opportunity to be included, but we will certainly respect your preferences if you do not. Harris Connect’s commitment to protecting privacy and ensuring the integrity of the information collected is reflected in their privacy policy online at

    Should you have any questions or concerns about this project, please call our Alumni Relations office at (808) 956-2586 or e-mail me at

    Thank you for your interest and concern.

    Stacia Garlach
    Director of Marketing & Communication
    Office of Alumni Relations
    University of Hawai’i Foundation

  3. This happen to me from my high school and university… and yes they want you to buy their book, which years ago was $50. I moved shortly after, so any sales calls went to the state I used to live in.

  4. It is real, unfortunately authorized by the UH Foundation. However, I recommend you ask to be removed immediately. You will be telemarketed to death otherwise. They are a telemarketing agency and proud of it. They will try to sell you a book in order to recoup the cost of updating the information and UH does not get a dime until the book makes money, so they will push hard.

    It’s sad that UH foundation needs to resort to this practice which does not provide ANY value to alumni. It shows where their heads are at.

    If you really want to donate to UH, do so separately, not through this authorized scam.

  5. I got one, too. The site already had my contact information on file correctly, so if it’s a scam then it’s a damn good one! I think it’s legit, though.

    • See Doug this is what through a red flag at me… it had some address from the mainland in a State I had never lived before.

      All the contact info on me was off? Still a bit concerned but thanks for your reply.

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