Is UH Really Updating Their Alumni Information?

Did any other UH Alumni receive this?  I’m a bit suspicious of it.
From:  “University of Hawai’i”>

To: “University of Hawai’i Alumni” <>
RE: University of Hawai’i Update
Please review your online Verification Form. (Link Removed) Thank you in advance for your assistance in this important matter.

Now we need your confirmation of the information listed in this file.

Dear Mr. Tucker Damon ’99,

We asked our manager of alumni records to assemble your Alumni Data by cross-referencing the most recent information in your University of Hawai‘i file. In conjunction with the verification of Alumni Data, we are also creating a treasured resource that will not only contain listings for thousands of fellow alumni but will also give you a chance to share your stories, pictures and life experiences with friends and former classmates.

But now we need your help.

Please take 30 seconds to look over the information currently reflected in your streamlined Data Verification Form. (This convenient online form is fully-encrypted using state-of-the-art technology to protect your personal information.)

The University of Hawai‘i analyzed the records of more than 211,000 alumni to separate outdated contact and alumni information from the most current data in our files.

University of Hawai'i

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  1. I am from another school, having the same issues with Harris. In our case, our alumni association has nothing to do with this Harris project; it was initiated by a new local foundation who refused to work with our existing alumni association because they specifically refused to consider any form of mutual support. We already have our own secured and private online alumni directory system.

    The real purpose of these directories is to create a database that the foundation plans to use to hound those they find and list for donations to the foundation. If you do not respond to their mailings or phone calls, they simply include what they have and mark it “unconfirmed”.

    Note that in their advertising, these directories are available to all alumni and ANY OTHER ORGANIZATION WHO WANTS A COPY. There is NO PRIVACY.

    We are distributing this verified OPT OUT information to all alumni, and encourage you to do the same:

    If you have received anything from them, we strongly recommend that you call the provided toll free number and ask to “opt out” of their directories. Customer Service Department – Harris Connect, Inc. – POB 41135 – Norfolk, VA 23541-1135 – T 800.877.6554 Please be sure to pass this on to all alumni you know.

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