My $.02 Cents on The Social Blade Show

Today I was a guest on The Social Blade Show.

This of course stems from my blogging about the @AlohaArleen scandal.  Which coincidentally, she failed to show up on the show… however, she did send in a message that she wrote out and had one of the hosts read.

You can hear her message hear… It doesn’t amount to anything but her saying she won’t engage with us.


I’d like to thank Bruce Fisher as well as Roger Knowlton for being on the show and verifying my story.

Chelsea Announces Partnership with Hawaii Academy


From today’s Sport’s Illustrated:

Chelsea has reached an agreement to form a partnership with Le Jardin Soccer Academy in Hawaii.

…This becomes the fifth such partnership the club has in the U.S. and Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon — who will leave the club at the end of October — feels it will help the game in the country…
It is the first time an Premier League side team has joined forces with an academy in Hawaii, and Le Jardin academy head master Adrian Allan feels it reflects well on their work.

“A main goal when we started the academy three years ago was to become the school of choice for students who want to earn soccer scholarships and be professional players,” he said…

Full Article: Sports Illustrated: Chelsea Announces Partnership with Hawaii Academy