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Board of Ethics – New Business Agenda

EthicsThe Hawaii County Board of Ethics will be meeting on Wednesday, September 23 at the Department of Liquor Control Conference room (101 Aupuni Street, Suite 230)

The following items are listed under new business:

a.  Petition No. 2009-6: Petitioners allege that a County officer or employee violated Sections 2-83(a)(3) and 2-83(b)(5) of the Code of Ethics (regarding fair treatment) and “needs to be instructed to stop being discourteous and unfair to the public, and needs to understand our First Amendment Rights, in stopping … racist remarks and overbearing references to religion.”

b.  Petition No. 2009-7: Petitioners allege that a County officer or employee violated Section 2-83(a)(3) of the Code of Ethics (regarding fair treatment) by making “insulting gestures during the time of testifiers exercising their constitutional First Amendment rights to free speech.”

c.  Petition No. 2009-8: Petitioner is seeking an opinion from the Board on whether his employment as a property manager with the County of Hawai’i is in conflict with his ownership of a small real estate company which will have no transactions with the County.

d.  Counsel’s Report Regarding Matters and/or Inquiries Received by the Board, including: (l) Gift Disclosure Statements received from Brian DeLima (Merit Appeals Board), Searle Grace (Salary Commission), Patricia Provalenko (Salary Commission), and Henry Silva (Merit Appeals Board). (2) Incomplete and/or moot petitions filed with the Board, if any.

You can view the full agenda of the meeting here:  9/23/9 Board of Ethics Meeting.

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