IZEAFEST… You’re the Best! Adios @AlohaArleen

So a few days ago I broke the news that @alohaarleen is a convicted criminal, a bad check writer, a bad tenant and just an overall scam.

@alohaarleen on Twitter

@alohaarleen on Twitter

I just got an email from someone connected to IZEAFest stating the following:

Hi Damon,

Thanks for reaching out to us.  Since finding out about this issue, we have severed all ties with Arleen and are in the process of removing any promotion of her from our sites.  We do not condone nor will we support this kind of behavior from any of our associates.

Thanks again for your concern.

All the Best,

Ain’t Karma a Bitch Arleen?

You can read the CEO of IZEAFest’s statement here:  IZEAFest Change of Speakers

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  1. Why in the world would this lady come to Twitter. and use it to steal Tens of thousands of Dollars, and run every scam in the book under the social media laws, Then meet MC Hammer. Hect i wonder if she duked him out of money, I also wonder if her daughter is not in on the Wire fraud also. What is being done about this Does Aloha arleen have a Boot Camp to rob people blind of the Internet and These social Media web sites such as face Book and Twitter, What is going to be done about this. Discrace Lady of Honolulu Hawaii

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