Remind Me Never to Rent a Place to @AlohaArleen

Well I guess the continuing saga that I blogged about here about @AlohaArleen continues.

I broke the story wide open here: Where’s the Aloha… Arleen Pt. I

I then followed this up with a Big Island Resident that was scammed by @AlohaArleen here:  Where’s the Aloha… Arleen Pt. II

The complaints seem to be coming in one by one… I understand those folks that don’t want to come forward with their stories as it does suck to get scammed by someone that you did trust.

Trust is something that is key in many relationships… you mess that up… your screwed.

Now it looks like she is also someone that doesn’t care to much about rental contracts or the way she lives in general.


From: “Earl Handy” <>
Date: September 13, 2009 10:14:42 PM HST
To: <>
Subject: Arleen Anderson
Look at these shocking before and after pictures of the apartment Arleen Anderson allegedly skipped out of the rent on.
Master bedroom 1- Before


Master bedroom 2- Before


Master bedroom 2 – After


Bathroom -1 Before


Bathroom -2 After


Bathroom -2 After


Alleged copies of bounced rent checks and notes to the landlord from Arleen before she left

Arleen Rubber Checks



Dear ___Enclosed you will find 2 checks each postdated for when the bank assures me they will be available I figure the amount owed as follows:

Sorry was going to clean but ran out of time.

Here is the key i suspect I will find the others when i unpack if i don’t find it within the week i will let you know and take care of the resipt cost of rekeying the back door thank yout for putting up w/me lets keep in touch.
I’ll be staying w/ my new boyfirend until my new place is ready
Take care of chucker!

All the Best


You have my Cell

17 Responses

  1. I was not able to pull up these pictures on my AOL., however I seriously doubt that any of your photographs would be acurate regarding my friend from California…

    • Gayle… I guess your one of those suckers that is born every minute.

    • I am sure this is hard to believe but in an unrelated matter her name cam up with the same circumstances to the point local celebrities are stepping up to clear the bills she had ALLEGEDLY but likely also left behind. Why would two partie maybe more with time post similar stories ??

      Sorry if you callher a friend I am avoiding living in her hometown

    • Yes the are as I am the landlord and I took the photos aand I had to clean the room which took over 1 week! She still has not payed me and if you are her friend I doubt you will ever be mine.

  2. I will be updating the pictures as I was scraping from the site that is linked now. He removed them as it was his business site.

    Will get them back up when he returns from vacation in a few days.

  3. The pics are gone, I think the link to them broke.

  4. Isn’t it a crime to pass bad checks like that? Maybe should look into something like that.

  5. Good grief!!! And I thought “housekeeping is not one of my strength areas” but that is awful. Was she playing in the dirt??? There looks like enough to plant vegetables!

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