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Win Hawaiian Home Essay Contest: No Refunds Given Yet

As expected, it looks like the  “Win Hawaiian Home Essay Contestwas and still is a SCAM.  Big Island Chronicle legitimized this contest originally on December 10th of last year…. and they are still waiting on checks… Pfft.


I even warned Tiffany that same day that she should pull her blog posting, however, she insisted the contest was legit.

I just received the following comment:

So far they are not returning any entry fees. Sheri is stating “they are waiting for checks to arrive, before they can return any fees” Yep, I think we got duped on this one! I’m going to contact the local authorities, file a dispute with paypal and my credit card company. Has anyone else got a refund? The best part is that you can easily refund money back through paypal but they are obviously choosing not to go that route.

But hey… if you want to Buy or rent the house … you still can because it’s still on the market.

3 Responses

  1. Can’t say folks weren’t warned that this was a scam right from the start. Shame on the state/county prosecutor & law enforcement for not nipping this in the bud from the get go.

  2. another sad happening :( … when i had contact with these folks and asked them about an escrow account for the participants money they went silent and never contacted me again :( … if they were legit all monies would have been sitting in an account and giving it back would have happened right away!

  3. Not currently active on the MLS, but was for sale throughout the scam:


    At more than TWICE what the market is in Seaview…

    Even the rental rate is too high..

    It appears that Sheri has trouble dealing with reality. I certainly hope that those folks silly enough to “enter” the “lottery” get their refunds.

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