Looking for the Worst Dressed Woman on the Big Island


Hawaii Visitors Convention Bureau was contacted by What Not to Wear.

The popular TLC show is looking for candidates for the Worst Dressed Woman in America for their 250th episode. Feel free to nominate anyone and contact the producer directly if you wish. All info is in the attached flyer. Wouldn’t it be fun to get some Hawaii mileage out of this and spotlight great local designers like Sig Zane on national TV?

If you think of someone who is a fantastic candidate from Hawaii’s Big Island and wouldn’t be offended by a nomination– then let me know and I will get you in touch with the person that will be making the pitch here locally.

What Not to Wear

For the first time ever, in celebration of its 250th episode, What Not to Wear is doing a national search for The Worst Dressed American (open to WOMEN only). Email [email protected] to nominate yourself or secretly nominate a friend, and you or she could appear on the 250th episode of the show and get the royal treatment, compliments of Stacy and Clinton! Send at least 2 pictures that show her style, her name, age, size, height, occupation, describe her style and tell us why we should pick her! Deadline for submissions is September 25th so email today!

About the show:

“WHAT NOT TO WEAR” provides fashion intervention to people nominated by friends/family/co-worker as someone who desperately needs a style overhaul!  Fashion experts, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly then confront the person and reveal their plan to teach them “WHAT NOT TO WEAR” sorting through the person’s current wardrobe and providing them with rules for maximizing their best assets and personal style. They are given a Visa card worth $5,000, and it’s time to hit the shops.  After a consultation with Stacy and Clinton on these new clothing choices, along with a dramatic hair and makeup revamp, viewers will see a complete transformation and a stunning reveal.

Connect with the TLC Audience:

TLC is in 85 million homes in the US

23.3 million viewers tune into TLC each week

83 million viewers tune in to watch TLC each month

TLC ranks #1 in concentration of upscale adults 25-54 and 18-49 in prime time

2 Responses

  1. I want to know where someone is going to spend $5,000 on clothes on the Big Island.

  2. Me, me!!!! I would love a $5,000 wardrobe!

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