I Heard There is a Hui in the Making

I’m not gonna go too much into this right now.

But I’m in the process of assisting a group of folks start up a community blog here on the Big Island.

I’m just going to help Administer this site, cause these folks are way to smart for me…

Once this site is up and running and the users feel comfortable using it, I’m thinking of adding it to the FBI Blogs… Despite my feelings that the FBI blog site should focus on individual bloggers.

I’ll definitely be adding a link here on my personal blog.

This will be great to hear a voice of a bunch of folks with equal access to one blog.

More to come on this Big Island Hui of contributing blog writers to come as this project unfolds.

3 Responses

  1. […] Big Island Hui : A New Community Based Blog 9 09 2009 There was rumors recently that a new community based blog was being formed.I received a e-mail this evening with a link to this new site, The Big Island Hui.Damon Tucker and […]

  2. Great idea – we’ll look for the launch … let us know and we’ll help inform our readers – many of whom live on the Big Island.
    Mahalo !
    The Really Hawaiian Hui

  3. If they are so smart,why do they need you to administer their blog ? :) (j/k, the way you wrote your blog entry left you wide open for this comment)

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