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“What’s a Birthmark?”

I caught my son looking at his birthmark on his shoulder today, and I asked him, what are you looking at… and he said he got dirty.

I said where’s the dirt, and he pointed at his birthmark on his shoulder.  I guess this is the first time he’s actually looked downward at that direction and actually been able to see it.  I told him it’s a birthmark and he’s had ever since he was a baby, however, he didn’t believe me.

I asked him what he was going to do about his “Dirt” on his shoulder.  He told me he was going to wash it off tonight when he took a shower.

I said… well I hope you scrub real hard.

He is pretty convinced that it will come off in the shower tonight… so I took this picture of it just to prove it to him.

You can see the little speck of "Dirt" on his shoulder here

You can see the little speck of "Dirt" on his shoulder here

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