Margaret Wille Taking on the County Charter… Live Streaming of Council Meetings on the Agenda

Margaret and her Dog

I’d just like to draw everyone’s attention to Margaret Willes latest post, My Suggested Amendments to the County’s Charter (its Constitution): To Increase Transparency, Accountability, Public Participation

This lady is looking to really shake things up down at the County and it’s for the benefit of all of us living on this island and I think we should really be thankful for the hard work that she has put in investigating the laws that needed to be researched to put forth these amendments to the charter.

While everything she suggests is great, I’d like to bring attention to the following issues as they are something that I have been talking about before.


1. All required notices of public meetings shall be placed on the County website within the period that notice of that meeting is required.

2. All proceedings of policy making boards, including the County Council, the Planning Commission, and Charter Commissions, shall be broadcast live on the internet as well as made available “on demand” within 48 hours on the County’s website- subject to where that is not possible or inappropriate (for example executive sessions would not be broadcast; or if the internet feed is lost).

I do encourage you to read her entire post and the other suggestions that she is making.

I have been wanting these council meeting streamed for quite some time and it would certainly benefit us all in the community if the Charter changed to adopt at least this for us community members.

You can view the meeting documents for the September 11, meeting here:

COMM 26 Frances Wong on Council Members
COMM 27 Lono Tyson Environmental Management
COMM 28 From Jay Kimura
COMM 29 From Jan Pakele
COMM 30 From Margaret Wille
COMM 31 Ad Hoc Committee Report EWH Misc Files
COMM 32 Ad Hoc Committee Reapportionment Report
COMM 33 Council Terms.pdf

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