Legal Question: Why is The County of Hawaii Paying for Mayor Kim’s Car Accident and Not an Insurance Company?

County settles case involving ex-mayor for nearly $100K

A car crash caused by former Mayor Harry Kim when he was in office will cost Big Island taxpayers $99,500, said the county attorney handling the case…

…Kim said he was driving his county-owned 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe SUV back to Hilo from Keaau when he was distracted by a tailgating driver. In an effort to get out of the motorist’s way, Kim said he turned left onto West Palai Street, a route he seldom takes…

I’m just tossing this question out here, but I would assume that the County keeps their cars insured for accidents.  Why are we the taxpayers footing this $99,500 bill?

2 Responses

  1. I believe Hawaii County is self-insured in all aspects of liability. The assumption is that premiums would cost more than the payouts.

  2. You probably have assumed wrong. It’s very common for governments to “self-insure” their vehicles.

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