Kandoo and Lifelock


The owner of the Kandoo Watersports operation that was trying to set up business off Waikiki is in a bunch of trouble.


The problem is the dude is in a bunch of trouble with his former company called lifelock.


maynard robert

In other LifeLock news, the ocean adventure company started by LifeLock’s founder, Robert J. Maynard Jr. (pictured above), appears to have hit an iceberg. You remember Maynard Jr — he’s the guy we exposed back in 2007 for telling a tall tale about how he came up with the idea for LifeLock (and how the Federal Trade Commission had banned him from the credit industry — for life).

Maynard Jr. reportedly forgot that insurance would be a critical factor in the business, which involved taking tourists out on the ocean to go diving or sailing. It seems like once the insurance bill got paid, there weren’t enough clams left over to pay the 200-plus employees.
Maynard claims to have invested $9 million in the business, called KanDoo!, and intends to keep it afloat through these rough waters…

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  1. lifelock is old news… you really should get the facts before you blog about things you have no clue about.

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