Alien vs. Predator on the Big Island?

No… it’s not what you are thinking.  It is looking like the Big Island may be used as a filming location for parts of the filming of Predator 4.


Tim Ryan is reporting over at his blog Reel Hawaii:

Scouts for 20th Century Fox’s $40-million creature feature are back on the Big Island for their third week of scouting Hawaii most of it where a lot of jungles have been looked at. The production would film for 18 days with an October start if the Hawaii portion is a go. That decision is expected to be made very soon…Some Hawaii production execs are being contacted about availability…

This will be the  alien-hunter franchise’s first solo outing since 1990. The dreadlocked menace, who first appeared in a Central American jungle stalking Arnold Schwarzenegger and friends in 1987, has had other two solo features…

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The Best Preschool on the Big Island Has Openings


The Montessori Country School in Pahoa still has room for more friends!  The school offers quality childcare and education to children ages 2 through 6 years.  Their Toddler, Preschool and Kindergarten Programs have been serving Puna’s youngest children for the past 25 years. Limited spaces are available NOW and enrollment is open throughout the school year. MCS welcomes Childcare Connection, Open Doors and Pauahi Keiki Scholarship assistance programs.  If you would like to schedule a visit to the school or pick up an application packet, please call 965-9994.


*Side note… My son attended Montessori and enjoyed all three years that he attended.  My wife and I personally attribute his testing scores that got him into Kamehameha Schools directly to this school.  If/when my wife and I ever have another child… we will definitely send them to Montessori.

My son enjoyed the school so much… that even now that he is in Kamehameha as a kindergartner… he still often asks to go back to Montessori just to hang out.

One of my son’s favorite excursion that he did with the school, was going to the Imiloa Astronomy center that I blogged about here.

Montessori at Imiloa

Cruz Ohana Rocks Pahoa Village Cafe… Tonight Prime Rib Dinner With the Ohana

Jon Cruz and Pahoa Village Cafe Manager Jose

Jon Cruz and Pahoa Village Cafe Manager Jose

Last night at the Pahoa Village Cafe, the Cruz ohana rocked the house to a full house.


Tonight at 6 Pm, the Cruz family invites folks to a Prime Rib All You Can Eat Luncheon and concert at the Pahoa Village Cafe.


The place was truly rocking last night and the Cruz ohana put on an excellent show as usual.


And in case you didn’t know it… The several members of the Cruz family are very active in Social Media even having Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Uncle Tweeting?

Uncle Tweeting?

I wish that I had looked at the settings on my camera as I didn’t have them on the right settings.  I actually took quite a few pictures… but I’ve only compressed about a third of them.

Naeole w/ Uncle

Of course Pahoa always has it’s usual folks that tend to take up the dance floor all to themselves at times.


You can click on the images below for a larger view and don’t forget about the Prime Rib dinner and concert tonight:

The Wedding, the Man and a Change in Plans

Last night at the Pahoa Village Cafe, I had the opportunity to finally meet the groom, and all I can say… Is “Everyone Loves Ray”.

As I mentioned before, 5th District Councilwoman Emily Naeole is getting married in a few months.  I previously stated that she was going to be getting married on October 17th, however, another event is taking place on this date and it is now pushed back to the 24th of October.

So let’s meet the groom:

Raymond Beason

Raymond Beason

Raymond Beason comes from Louisianna and is quite a well known dude there.

The Groom and Bride

The Groom and Bride

I spoke with him for a few minutes outside of Pahoa Village Cafe all by himself without Auntie being around and he sure does seem to be in love with her and is very excited about the upcoming wedding.

Emily Naeole and Raymond Beason

Emily Naeole and Raymond Beason

Well, from what I remember… he is a bit older then Ms. Naeole… but he sure doesn’t act that way… as you can see the two of them dancing away below: