The Pahoa Gym… It’s No “Gold’s Gym”

Well I will file this one under the learn something new everyday category.

I made it into the Pahoa Village Cafe today to talk to Jose the manager about some upcoming stuff that was happening, like tonights Cruz Family Party that will be happening.

Cruz Concert

Anyrate, as I was leaving, I noticed the following sign on the gate between Pahoa Village Cafe and the Sukothai Restaraunt:


So I scoped out the place from a distance…


And then decided to check it out by walking down the corridor between the two restaraunts.


I went past the doors above and then to the left was a door that was cracked and had the following sign on the door.


Well I didn’t want to work out and I just wanted to check out the place and since the door was opened… I walked right in and found this.


It was actually quite a decent little facility with free weights and all


It was weird that no one was around and so I snapped this final picture before going to the front to ask the bar manager about the place.


What Jose informed me was that the “Gym” was not affiliated with the restaurant and that the hours were from 8am – 8pm Mondays – Fridays.

He believes the monthly membership cost was about $20- $25 a month, however he was not sure.

There were no contact numbers and I was amazed that I could just walk in the place like this… But you know, this is Pahoa.

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  1. That alley way looks scary. What if someone gets hurt trying to get to the gym? Whoever owns that stuff better have liability insurance.

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