Councilwoman Naeole Wedding Date Set

Councilwoman Naeole will be getting married on Saturday, October 17th.

From what I have heard, the public will be invited to her wedding at Pohoiki beach in Puna, Hawaii.

I do know the name of gentleman she is marrying, but I’m holding off on releasing the name until I get the correct spelling for everyone.

Naeole Husband?

Naeole Husband? (Blogger Rendition)

They have been seen spotted in public holding hands and cuddling in public, and I can’t wait to give more details on this big event that will be happening on the 17th of October.

Mark your calendars… this will be a day that the Big Island does not forget, as I have heard from legislative aide RJ Hampton that a portion of roads will actually be blocked off for the ceremony.

More information… plus a picture of Ms. Naeole’s future husband coming soon.

I’m stoked for Ms. Naeole as I think we all deserve love in our lives!

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  1. I know where ray is now Aug 21 2010

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