Brian Viloria Retains Title

Picture by Big Island's Own ESPN Josh on the Radio

Picture by Big Island's Own ESPN Josh on the Radio

Brian Viloria defended his title tonight at the Blaisdell defeating Jesus Aribe by decision.

Here are Viloria’s tweets leading up to the fight:

  1. Getting ready for battle. I feel like a caged up beast right now! Let me out…NOW! about 4 hours ago from twidroid

  2. The most dangerous man is one with his soul on fire! about 12 hours ago from twidroid

  3. I am going to fuck this dude up for even threatening to take what’s mine, and for what I sweat, bled and cried for!! Let’s GO! about 12 hours ago from twidroid

  4. I feel good this morning. This is it. This is why I put all those hours of hard work into. All that for what’s going down tonight! about 12 hours ago from twidroid

  5. Preeparing for second weigh in. IBF rules say that I can’t be 10 pounds over my division limit. Other than that, thanks for the GL’s tweeps! about 12 hours ago from twidroid

  6. Goodnight tweeps. Tomorrow is a big day! about 22 hours ago from twidroid

And here is some Tweets from Team Viloria before the fight:

  1. – Champ is working the mits and warmaing up! about 4 hours ago from TwitPic

  2. – More behind the scenes! about 4 hours ago from TwitPic

  3. – Team Viloria!!! about 4 hours ago from TwitPic

  4. – The excitment is here.. @BrianViloria lacing up!!!! about 4 hours ago from TwitPic

  5. – @BrianViloria getting instructions from the ref. about 4 hours ago from TwitPic

Coming Soon to Pahoa: Bindi Indian & Mediterranean Organic Food

I mentioned about a week ago that Pahoa was getting a Giovanni Shrimp restaurant modeled after the North Shore Shrimp trucks on Oahu.


Well I just noticed that Pahoa is getting another restaurant or food store as well.


It’s located right in the heart of Pahoa town.


No one was around to ask any questions, so I don’t know when they are actually opening.

The Pahoa Gym… It’s No “Gold’s Gym”

Well I will file this one under the learn something new everyday category.

I made it into the Pahoa Village Cafe today to talk to Jose the manager about some upcoming stuff that was happening, like tonights Cruz Family Party that will be happening.

Cruz Concert

Anyrate, as I was leaving, I noticed the following sign on the gate between Pahoa Village Cafe and the Sukothai Restaraunt:


So I scoped out the place from a distance…


And then decided to check it out by walking down the corridor between the two restaraunts.


I went past the doors above and then to the left was a door that was cracked and had the following sign on the door.


Well I didn’t want to work out and I just wanted to check out the place and since the door was opened… I walked right in and found this.


It was actually quite a decent little facility with free weights and all


It was weird that no one was around and so I snapped this final picture before going to the front to ask the bar manager about the place.


What Jose informed me was that the “Gym” was not affiliated with the restaurant and that the hours were from 8am – 8pm Mondays – Fridays.

He believes the monthly membership cost was about $20- $25 a month, however he was not sure.

There were no contact numbers and I was amazed that I could just walk in the place like this… But you know, this is Pahoa.

Wanted: Big Island Locals for Grassroots’ “Adopt a Visitor” Program

Big Island resident Tim Sullivan has been quite successful in bridging the gap between many Japanese visitors that come to Hawaii and local community groups and projects that have happened on the Big Island.

A while back, he and I exchanged some dialog about tourism here on the Big Island and a way to possibly get folks to come to the Big Island and see the Big Island in a real way… not just some touristy way.

He brought up the subject again today in his blog posting “Straddling Paradigms: Redistribution of Wealth Through Grassroots’ Capitalism” where he ask the 5 following questions based on Peter Apo’s Pono Prism:

  1. How does the activity make Hawaii a better place?
  2. How does the activity create opportunities for prosperity for all segments of the community?
  3. How does the activity help connect the community’s past to its future?
  4. How does the activity bring dignity to the community and the people who live around it?
  5. How does the activity insure that the people who live in and around it can continue to live there?

Tim has some great answers to these questions that you can view on his blog.

He also surprised me by his apparent willingness to possibly embrace Social-Media and online tools such as Facebook and Twitter.

…Love it or hate it, on-line social media looks like it’s here to stay. Most folks I know seem to be passionately for or against: got some friends who believe Facebook is the Devil (digitally) incarnate, and others who swear by it (my two sons included)…

Well with the recent announcement that the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau is in Los Angeles next week promoting Hawaii in the following fashion:

…To activate the social media network in Los Angeles, HVCB will be reaching out to bloggers, podcasters, and emerging media enthusiasts to assist them in developing content about the islands to share with their audiences. On the evening of September 2, HVCB and Marriott Resorts Hawaii will co-host a “tweetup” (gathering of Twitter users) at The Whisper Restaurant and Lounge at The Grove to further promote Hawaii’s uniqueness as a vacation destination to the area’s most active new media users…

I think now is a good time to really look at what we folks locally at a grassroots level can do to help our islands economy out in the long run.

Not only that… I need a job!

So go check out his post and be sure to get all the way down to “The Bottom Line“.

Councilwoman Naeole Wedding Date Set

Councilwoman Naeole will be getting married on Saturday, October 17th.

From what I have heard, the public will be invited to her wedding at Pohoiki beach in Puna, Hawaii.

I do know the name of gentleman she is marrying, but I’m holding off on releasing the name until I get the correct spelling for everyone.

Naeole Husband?

Naeole Husband? (Blogger Rendition)

They have been seen spotted in public holding hands and cuddling in public, and I can’t wait to give more details on this big event that will be happening on the 17th of October.

Mark your calendars… this will be a day that the Big Island does not forget, as I have heard from legislative aide RJ Hampton that a portion of roads will actually be blocked off for the ceremony.

More information… plus a picture of Ms. Naeole’s future husband coming soon.

I’m stoked for Ms. Naeole as I think we all deserve love in our lives!