O/S Hawaii Meet’s Lincoln Ashida… Again… and Again.. and WTF? That’s My Professor?

It will be so fun watching RJ Mendoza squirm his way through this course he is taking at UH Hilo with Lincoln Ashida.  Here is a small sampling from his latest blog posting.

…Ok, without further ado, I know people are wondering how Lincoln Ashida’s class went.

Honestly? I really enjoyed it! He knows his p’s and q’s, and is a very professional and witty teacher. I think he’s going to have a bone to pick because after 5pm the A/C is shut off in buildings, and our class starts at 5pm. Balmy, stuffy, much?

Don’t expect me to blog about every little nuance of his, after all- he’s not in lawyer mode and being that I am notorious for wearing many hats, I am not going to pick apart my professor, county politics notwithstanding…

I’m sure I’ll be the first to make life hell on both of them!

Who knows though, by having a FBI Blogger taking a course with Lincoln Ashida… maybe he can eventually convince the powers that be of the powers of us online folks!

“Can you hear me now RJ?”

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  1. It would have been more fun if you signed up for that class with me! We could pass notes and stuff!

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