O/S Hawaii Meet’s Lincoln Ashida… Again… and Again.. and WTF? That’s My Professor?

It will be so fun watching RJ Mendoza squirm his way through this course he is taking at UH Hilo with Lincoln Ashida.  Here is a small sampling from his latest blog posting.

…Ok, without further ado, I know people are wondering how Lincoln Ashida’s class went.

Honestly? I really enjoyed it! He knows his p’s and q’s, and is a very professional and witty teacher. I think he’s going to have a bone to pick because after 5pm the A/C is shut off in buildings, and our class starts at 5pm. Balmy, stuffy, much?

Don’t expect me to blog about every little nuance of his, after all- he’s not in lawyer mode and being that I am notorious for wearing many hats, I am not going to pick apart my professor, county politics notwithstanding…

I’m sure I’ll be the first to make life hell on both of them!

Who knows though, by having a FBI Blogger taking a course with Lincoln Ashida… maybe he can eventually convince the powers that be of the powers of us online folks!

“Can you hear me now RJ?”

Hawaii County Files Motion of Dismissal on Sunshine Lawsuit by West Hawaii Today

Lincoln serious

It is my understanding that the County of Hawaii has filed a Motion to have the Sunshine Lawsuit filed by the West Hawaii Today Dismissed.

You can see the first two pages of this motion here:

West Hawaii Today vs. Hawaii County Council

Page 2

It is also my understanding that the West Hawaii Today has yet to respond to this.


The Kona Blog has released the full .PDF document

Low-Class Hawaii Pidgin English

Just ran across this clip on youtube… You may notice a few of the kids:

…Or so the teacher tells the class. This takes place in the 1970’s in Hilo. After class the popular girls who are members of the Ray of the Rising Dawn, make “Jerry” abandon his friend because he wants to be a member.


Hawaii Biotech Participating in Dengue Clinical Study


Hawaii Biotech, Inc. President and CEO Elliot Parks,  Ph.D., announced today that the company has initiated a Phase 1 clinical study with their monovalent dengue vaccine candidate.

The double-blind, placebo controlled, dose  escalation safety study in healthy subjects is being conducted at the Saint Louis  University Center for Vaccine Development.

Vaccine recipients in this study will also be monitored for virus neutralizing antibodies.  “This dengue clinical study is an important milestone in Hawaii Biotech’s maturation as a clinical stage company. In addition it confirms the versatility of our subunit vaccine technology platform,” Parks notes. “This Phase 1 study will also prepare us for the initial clinical testing of Hawaii Biotech’s tetravalent dengue vaccine.”

Hawaii Biotech’s dengue monovalent vaccine candidate is the first recombinant subunit vaccine for dengue to enter clinical studies. Previous dengue vaccine candidates tested in the clinic have been either live-attenuated or DNA-based vaccines.

Hawaii Biotech intends to test a dengue tetravalent vaccine candidate, developed using the company’s  recombinant subunit vaccine technology, within a year.

The first phase of clinical development program is designed to assess safety, determine a dose range and identify potential side effects. Results from this clinical study are expected within a year.

Hawaii Biotech’s dengue subunit vaccine candidate has been developed with financial assistance from the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, and the Pediatric Dengue Vaccine Initiative.

About Dengue: Dengue, also known as “break-bone fever,” is a prevalent infectious disease in tropical and subtropical countries throughout the world. Approximately 3.5 billion people live in endemic countries and about 100 million people are infected with dengue every year. Dengue infections result in an estimated 20,000 deaths.

Dengue is caused by one of four closely related, but distinct, virus serotypes (DEN1, DEN2, DEN3, and DEN4), of the family Flaviviridae, which also includes yellow fever, West Nile, Japanese encephalitis, and tick-borne encephalitis viruses. Dengue is transmitted by the bite of a mosquito infected with any one of the four dengue viruses.

Infection with dengue virus results in severe flu-like symptoms that can lead to a life-threatening hemorrhagic fever. During the last quarter century, many tropical regions of the world have seen an increase in dengue cases. The southern United States is potentially susceptible to dengue epidemics as the types of mosquitoes that transmit dengue virus are prevalent there.

Willie Nelson Playing “Secret Show” Today on Maui

…I tried, I really tried, but I couldn’t keep it a secret: Willie Nelson is doing a “secret show” tonight at 7 p.m. (EASTERN TIME) from a venue in Hawaii, for a MySpace broadcast. Personally, I can’t think of too many things less “secret” than MySpace, but Nelson will be performing songs from his new CD, along with a guest appearance by the indie-rock group Band of Horses. The show originates from Charley’s Restaurant and Saloon in Paia on the beautiful island of Maui. That’s on Hana Highway for fans lucky enough to reside on that island (or those with charter-jet capabilities). The press release describes Charley’s as Nelson’s hometown bar, but any serious Nelson fan knows that Willie’s real home is a smoke-filled tour bus…

More here

Big Island Volunteers Needed for the American Red Cross Hawaii Chapter

Twitter Release:

American Red Cross Hawaii Chapter

Big Island volunteers needed for the American Red Cross Hawaii Chapter.

Nurses, office helpers, disaster responders are all needed.

Please call East Hawaii office at 935-8305 or West Hawaii office at 326-9488

August 27th Big Island Live Broadcasts Live Around the Island

Media Release:

Big Island residents and businesses are encouraged to tune in as we circle the island and talk to a number of residents live via the internet on www.bigislandlive.com. The multimedia broadcast will be using cutting edge technology allowing the home to see what is going on on the different parts of the island, live and in real time. These trips, which we plan to do monthly, will provide a public platform for the Big Island.

This broadcast is centered around the (NRC)Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s upcoming meetings in Hilo.The day will start with a live broadcast from our studio in Kona as we leave, and head south.We then head south to Kawa`a, where we hope to interview Uncle Abel Lui, about the current situation down there.

Our next scheduled stop is in Kea`au at the KYBC, where we will take a look at what they are doing for the community.

In Hilo, we are going to hold an interview with Uncle Keith “Skibs” Nehls from Basic Image Inc., get some details on the new Island Naturals store slated to open in the next week or so, and bring you a little coverage from the public NRC meeting in Hilo at 6:00pm.

We will be bringing you full coverage of the Kona NRC meeting, August 26th at 6 pm, the night before.

If that wasn’t enough we will broadcast live in Honokaa, at the garden event at the peoples theatre. The Honokaa event is to help introduce and network the various people and organizations working towards a sustainable agriculture and food production vision for the Hamakua Coast and the Big Island as a whole.

If you have something you want to share with the rest of the island, and to be a part of the show, call David at 769-0998

For a full schedule check the listings on the site Wednesday the 26th of August.

The Big Island Live Broadcasting Network is dedicated to the people of Hawaii, providing multimedia coverage of breaking news and live entertainment on the Big Island of Hawaii.