KGMB Embedding Logo on Twitter Users… Everyone Wants to Be a Newscaster

I find it weird that KGMB is now offering twitter users a chance to Embed the KGMB 9 Logo on their twitter profile picture, when they had previously asked me to remove the emblem from my blog.

Aloha Damon,

KGMB9 kindly requests that you remove our logo from your blog. While you are free to post whatever you like, we are asking that you remove our image.

Thank you,


CANDACE HIRLEMAN | Marketing Director | KGMB9 – Hawaii ’s Severe Weather Station

I appreciate your response.  Our brand is important to us, and apparently to you, too.  Thanks for considering our request.



FBI Blogger Ilka AKA "@eggiepuff"

FBI Blogger Ilka AKA "@eggiepuff"

Embed the Support KGMB Twibbon Button

You can view more images of the KGMB logo being used by non KGMB employees here.

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