Hawaii Department of Health Purchased Implant Microchips?


I remember reading something about this earlier, but I just saw this post and it reminded me of that earlier article I read.  I haven’t even verified anything that was posted.  You can check out the VeriChip website itself for more of the information about the product.


I’m a bit curious how much the State of Hawaii is paying for this system, but more importantly… do we want our government officials implanting what is basically a tracking device onto *edit* dead people?

Florida-based company that boasts selling the world’s first and only federally approved radio microchip for implanting in humans is now turning its development branch toward “emergency preparedness,” hoping to produce an implant that can automatically detect in its host’s bloodstream the presence of swine flu or other viruses deemed a “bio-threat…”

…The microchips are implanted in human remains following a disaster or, according to one report from the Katrina catastrophe, duct-taped to bones, in order to maintain detailed records, particularly in events that result in hundreds or thousands of fatalities…

…Since Hurricane Katrina, the RFID Journal reports, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Hawaii Department of Health, the Florida Emergency Mortuary Operations Response System and the medical examiner’s office in the Department of Heath in Erie County, N.Y, have also purchased the system. Earlier this year, VeriChip announced sales to Maryland’s Calvert Memorial Hospital and to Mercer and Atlantic counties in New Jersey…

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  1. Uh, I think you may have missed a key point of that article. The chips are to be implanted into HUMAN REMAINS, not into anyone still alive.

    Damon – Doh!

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