Video: Hawaii County Council Bans Bio Contol For Strawberry Guava

Clips from the  live Broadcast of Hawaii County Council Meeting on August 19th 2009, on Big Island Live.

Residents of the Big Island worked very hard to make sure the council knew how they felt about the proposed introduction of a foreign species to our Native Forests, in attempts to irradicate Strawberry Guava.

This resolution to ban the the proposed Bio Control passed with a vote of 6-3. 6000 people signed petitions, which definitely had an effect on their elected officials.

For full details of the resolution go here:


Revenge of the Thuds… Body Mutilation

Well the “Thuds” that I have previously blogged about really got back at me this morning.

Avocado Tree

I grabbed our fruit picker to pick some of the avocados


However, I still couldn’t reach the avocados, so I grabbed a brick to stand on…


…And I was just barely able to reach the fruit and I was taking a couple swipes at the buggah… when the brick suddenly flipped over sending me crashing to the ground having my leg smash onto the brick.

And here is the damage:


Damn Thuds!

Not only is it a nasty little wound… it hurts like spit!

I still wasn’t able to get that avocado!