Giovanni’s North Shore Shrimp Coming To Pahoa

I think most of us know that the North Shore is famous for the Shrimp Trucks that line the highways there.

One of the more famous ones is the Giovanni Shrimp Truck:

The Original Giovanni's Shrimp Truck on the North Shore of Oahu

The Original Giovanni's Shrimp Truck on the North Shore of Oahu

Well I just got through with a cruise through Pahoa, and I noticed a new business going in next to Boogie Woogie Pizza.

The outside of the restaraunt with "Coming Soon" posters

The outside of the restaraunt with "Coming Soon" posters

A quick look at the flier did verify that this was one of the North Shore Shrimp Truck places that I had previously eaten at:

coming soon

I stopped in where Manager Liaka Kaahu informed me that they were planning on opening in September once all the permits were finalized.

Inside Restaraunt

A quick look at the planned menu shows that it is identical to the one on the North Shore… Except in Pahoa… They will be offering a “Half Plate” for only $6.00


I love Shrimp… and this is gonna be great for our community.  I can’t wait for it to open!

I’ll let everyone know when it does open for good.

5 Responses

  1. fuk giovanni,his shrimp and every place to eat here is over priced. u dont get schit for the money u pay,and its just one more reason NOT TO shop hawaii. greedy fuks are trying to ream all of are azzes. move somewhere where shrimp and fish are cheap like s america. Any thing out of the sea will break ur wallet here. if u come to hawaii u can eat papayas and bannnas, and survive,maybe,good luck!!!

  2. Giovanni’s is the BEST! I live in Cali but everytime I go to hawaii I HAVE TO HAVE IT! Ono food. You have to try it for yourself there’s nothing like it. Pahoa is lucky to have it. Yum!

  3. I had one of there plates while on the North Shore in June. Good food!

  4. Has anyone had that Garlic dog? That sounds like a must[ard] to me.

    The lack

  5. Yum! Another good eating reason to come to Pahoa.

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