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13 Complaints Filed Against Hawaii County Police Recently

The following is a list of complaints against the Hawaii County Police Department that were discussed at the last County of Hawaii Police Commission Meeting that was held Friday, August 14th in Hilo.

HPC 09-09: Complainant alleged that the officer’s accident report was incomplete and obscured the facts.

HPC 09-13: Complainant alleged that his speeding citation was incompletely filled out and not accurate.

HPC 09-22: Complainant alleged that during a traffic stop, an officer’s behavior was abusive and discriminatory harassment, and that he should be made aware of the Peaceful Sky initiative.

HPC 09-24: Complainant was involved in a traffic stop. He alleged that he was held at gunpoint, handcuffed, and made to lay face on the road while being interrogated. His wife and children watched the ordeal. The officers were later informed that they had the wrong guy, and he was released.

HPC 09-25: Complainant alleged that officers pursued a vehicle at excessive
speeds and in doing so contributed to the death of the driver.

HPC 09-26: Complainant alleged that an officer was wrong when he told him he was in a no parking area. He also alleged that the officer yelled at him and was irrational.

HPC 09-27: Complainant alleged that he drove through a red light because it was faulty, and that the officer did not want to listen to his explanation which he felt was disrespectful and unprofessional.

HPC 09-28: Complainant’s son was involved in an altercation. She alleged that an officer abused his position when he used an electronic control device on him.

HPC 09-29: Complainant alleged that an officer was intimidating and threatening when he interviewed her son, and that this caused her son to have a seizure.

HPC 09-30: Complainant alleged that an officer used his position to improperly treat and harass him so that he could use a camp area for himself and his family.

HPC 09-32: Complainant complained about the manner in which an officer spoke to him and that his arrest for a TRO violation was bogus.

HPC 09-34: Complainant alleged that an officer yelled at him at a DUI check point.

HPC 09-35: Complainant was stopped for speeding and then arrested for DUI. She alleged that she was not speeding, that the citation had incorrect information, and that the officer would not show her the reading of the breath analyzer.

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