Hilo Angel Gabriel… “Our Angel Gabe”

Seven years ago without fanfare an inspiration, an angel, came to be born in Hawaii. His parents named him Gabriel.

Gabriels parents Keiko and Clinton met at work in Hilo Hawaii and knew from the start that they wanted to spend their lives together and raise a family. Not long after being married Keiko became pregnant. Now even before Gabriel, or Gabe as his parents call him, was born Keiko felt that the person growing inside of her was going to be special in some way.


For the first few months of life Gabriel was a healthy little boy. But at around 6 months his parent felt that something was not quite right and thus began a journey that is still going on today of hospitals and tests and uncertainty but most of all a journey of love, devotion and inspiration that has filled not only their hearts but the hearts and souls of people all over the world with a multitude of emotions.

Over the years doctors have explored many options for dealing with Gabes condition a condition which has yet to be nailed down but recent genetic testing has everyone thinking that just maybe this is all a result of an abnormality on a single gene. Just one missing link in the strand of life has left Gabe confined to a wheelchair but that has not stopped him from living life or his parents from interacting with him in the same way all parents interact with their children.

Gabe and Ohana "Hanging Outside"

Gabe and Ohana "Hanging Outside"

Gabes condition did prompt Keiko and Clinton to move from Hilo to Volcano. Clinton designed the house to meet Gabes needs and over the course of a year working evenings and on weekends Keiko and Clinton built it. The house has extra large openings everywhere to accommodate Gabes wheelchair, from the open kitchen and dining area to the hallway to the bathroom. Gabes younger brother Eli loves the openness of the house and also enjoys pushing his older brother around in his wheelchair. There is a swing set on the porch that the whole family can enjoy together and a large driveway where they can laugh and play and even the family dogs can join in on the fun.

At times, the routine can seem overwhelming but Keiko and Clinton have family, friends and church that help when they can and recently they also set up a small web page and a twitter account. They were all amazed by the tweets, emails and cards that they got in the mail on Gabes 7th birthday. There really are people in the world who care and who are moved by Gabe and his family.

To this day Gabes parents remain in awe of the support shown by people from all over the world and are humbled by their generosity and empowered by their kind words.

Keiko and Clinton could not imagine any other life. This is what they know and this is what they do as all parents should for their children. They continue to look for answers and are not sure what those answers will bring but they do know that they live with an angel whose smile could melt an iceberg and they would not have it any other way.

For more information Gabe and his Ohana, please visits their website here.

Knock Knock

Back in I believe October or so I took the Federal Census test and did quite well getting 28 out of 29 questions correctly.

Well as many of you know, they hired me and I did census canvassing work a few months ago, and it was actually quite fun.

I enjoyed doing it because I basically got to drive around East Hawaii and be nosey… well and it really is an important thing for our community to bring in Federal Money.  For the next 10 years what I’m doing now will directly correlate to how much money our community gets from the Feds.

A few weeks ago, I took the Supervisor test, and a few days later I got a call back from Oahu telling me that I had scored VERY WELL and they would be contacting me in March possibly for a Crew Leader/Supervisor position.

Well I just got a call today, asking me to be nosey again in a few weeks.  When I asked about the test I took recently, they said this had nothing to do with the supervisor positions in March and this was for a position now.

I’ll be starting a new phase of census training on Sept. 21st – 25th and then I will be going out in the field again. From what I have been told so far, I will actually be interviewing people at their doorsteps this time.

“Knock Knock?”

“Who’s There?”

“Census Bureau?”

“Census Bureau Who?”

“Check… your there… good bye”

Wish it would be that easy… but from some of the experiences I had before doing the census work… I’m sure this stage of the 2010 Census is going to be a bit more difficult including asking for personal data from people.

Tuesday Idiot

I’m not gonna bring back my knockouts… but I am gonna put up an occasional idiot now and then:


Mahalo KSBE!!!

Tuition at my son’s school is over $18,000 a year… just for the tuition. KSBE covers a good majority of that for all students, however, there is still significant other costs that can add up to a lot.

Fees, Meals, Uniforms, Buses, etc plus on top of that… you still have to chip in a part of the tuition.


Well we finally got what we were anxiously waiting and hoping for!


Mahalo KSBE!

KGMB and KHNL/KFVE “Skirt Federal Regulations” and MERGE

Erika Engle just tweeted the following:

  1. Erika Engle

    erikaengleKGMB/KHNL/KFVE to enter shared services agreement. http://www.hsblinks.com/mq Good luck to all staffers.

…The months-in-the-making arrangement will skirt federal regulations that prohibit single ownership of three TV stations in Honolulu. KGMB is owned by MCG Capital, while both KHNL-TV and KFVE-TV are owned by Raycom Media…

Full Starbulletin article here

*UPDATE* LIVE BROADCAST of Important County Council Committee Hearings

I have been told that the feed to Kona is down right now and the meeting has been postponed until 1:00.


From the Kohala Blog:

Important Issues to Be Discussed at Council Meetings August 18th and 19th: ….

IF YOU CAN, ATTEND IN PERSON or by video broadcasting in Hilo or Waimea Council chambers –OR ELSE watch live broadcast at transparencyhawaii.com thanks to Zion Estes of AMARAKA.TV

To see the complete agenda for today’s hearing, click here.

Councilman Yagong Answers Viewers Questions Online

Segment of a couple of callers questions to Hawaii County Council Representative Dominic Yagong, from the August 16th 2009 live online broadcast courtesy of  http://www.bigislandlive.com/