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TODAY: ONLINE Meeting With Hoffman, Pilago and Yagong

ONLINE MEETING With Hoffman, Pilago and Yagong

Big Island residents are invited to call in and be part of the show for this live broadcast via the internet on www.bigislandlive.com. Calls will be taken at (808)-769-0998. This edition of Big Island Live will be hosted by Kristine Kubat. Pete Hoffmann will be first up at 5:30, and he will be talking about the proposed restructuring of the County Council. Joining him will be former council chairman, Angel Pilago. There is a public hearing coming up on September 14th about the restructuring. Callers should limit their questions to this subject.

Next up is Dominic Yagong, and he will be addressing the proposed sale of the Hamakua Sugar lands that the county acquired in 1994 for delinquent taxes from Hamakua Sugar Company. This sale will be addressed in the upcoming council meeting in Kona. Again callers should try to limit their questions to this subject.

2 Responses

  1. I too enjoyed it.

    There were a few expected first time things that need to be worked out… but I think it was excellent for a first run around.

    I’ll be writing up my comments and emailing them to the producer of the show(s).

    I will say that I missed being able to comment with other viewers while the stream was going on.

  2. The town hall turned out really good. The video feed was solid on my 11Mbps DSL and it was very informative.

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