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My Thoughts on Today’s ONLINE Meeting

It was great to see today’s live stream of the council folks and former councilman being interviewed by Kristine Kubat, and I’d like to thank the folks of Big Island Live for putting this out there for us to view it.

Everything worked on a technical term once the programs started.

Technical notes –

  • Email contacts for show should have been given in advance.
  • A place on the site for viewers to chat amongst each other while the show is happening would have been great.
  • Having the show start exactly on time whether your ready to go on air would help.  A slate or something stating technical difficulties would help for those that clicked on the link for the first few minutes
  • A break between the candidates was a bit much… however, I understand getting folks mic’d up and adjusted for audio checks etc.
  • The scrolling stuff on the side bars was very distracting when trying to watch the actual feed.
  • At the end of the Yagong segment… we were told that he would be back to answer some questions… I waited nearly 5 minutes and I don’t know if he ever came back on or not… which left me hanging and a bit disappointed.
  • Great show over all… and a great start to things to come.
  • I really appreciate all the effort that went into this, and I really do understand that a lot of hard work goes into putting something like this together.
  • I hope we see more of them
  • Don’t forget to tune in on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week to watch Transparency Hawaii coverage of the County Council Meetings.

Political Notes:

  • Wow… three leaders that believe in transparent government and aren’t afraid to put themselves out in front of the public… NUFF SAID!

3 Responses

  1. There is a fullscreen button available when you move the mouse over the middle video. If you have ever used youtube it is a very similar interface. Thank you for your feedback we appreciate constructive criticism and continued user testing. The site is a continuing work in progress.
    Tune in next week,

    • I did see that you could make it full screen.

      However, when I use the computer, I’m often doing two and more things at the same time, so I have many windows open and just switch from window to window as needed.

      A full screen would have prevented me from getting my other work done while still watching the meeting.

  2. Damon thanks for taking the time to run through technical issues…. I hope you forward these comments to Seti.

    I agree the scrolling on the sides was distracting. My eyes are too old or too tired to handle that distraction.

    I also would have liked to have the show up and running as of 5p.m. — with something — so that I knew I could link to the program and not worry about that until 5:30.

    I did not mind the breaks — but would like them to be timed: 2 minutes equals two minutes; 5 minutes equals 5 minutes.

    The questions of Yagong were good … suggest you check them out when when tape available.

    All in all GREAT JOB…. and I liked Christine’s relaxed style.

    It was nice to see Pilago — and glad to have some one explain why Chairmanship of a committee is an important role.

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