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My Thoughts on Today’s ONLINE Meeting

It was great to see today’s live stream of the council folks and former councilman being interviewed by Kristine Kubat, and I’d like to thank the folks of Big Island Live for putting this out there for us to view it.

Everything worked on a technical term once the programs started.

Technical notes –

  • Email contacts for show should have been given in advance.
  • A place on the site for viewers to chat amongst each other while the show is happening would have been great.
  • Having the show start exactly on time whether your ready to go on air would help.  A slate or something stating technical difficulties would help for those that clicked on the link for the first few minutes
  • A break between the candidates was a bit much… however, I understand getting folks mic’d up and adjusted for audio checks etc.
  • The scrolling stuff on the side bars was very distracting when trying to watch the actual feed.
  • At the end of the Yagong segment… we were told that he would be back to answer some questions… I waited nearly 5 minutes and I don’t know if he ever came back on or not… which left me hanging and a bit disappointed.
  • Great show over all… and a great start to things to come.
  • I really appreciate all the effort that went into this, and I really do understand that a lot of hard work goes into putting something like this together.
  • I hope we see more of them
  • Don’t forget to tune in on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week to watch Transparency Hawaii coverage of the County Council Meetings.

Political Notes:

  • Wow… three leaders that believe in transparent government and aren’t afraid to put themselves out in front of the public… NUFF SAID!

TODAY: ONLINE Meeting With Hoffman, Pilago and Yagong

ONLINE MEETING With Hoffman, Pilago and Yagong

Big Island residents are invited to call in and be part of the show for this live broadcast via the internet on www.bigislandlive.com. Calls will be taken at (808)-769-0998. This edition of Big Island Live will be hosted by Kristine Kubat. Pete Hoffmann will be first up at 5:30, and he will be talking about the proposed restructuring of the County Council. Joining him will be former council chairman, Angel Pilago. There is a public hearing coming up on September 14th about the restructuring. Callers should limit their questions to this subject.

Next up is Dominic Yagong, and he will be addressing the proposed sale of the Hamakua Sugar lands that the county acquired in 1994 for delinquent taxes from Hamakua Sugar Company. This sale will be addressed in the upcoming council meeting in Kona. Again callers should try to limit their questions to this subject.

Polynesian Culture Center’s Newest Show Opens


The Polynesian Culture Center has always been a popular spot for folks to take their families on Oahu.


Their newest show Ha – Breath of Life had their first showing on Friday evening.


“This is every man’s story, told through the life of a Polynesian man named Mana  Journey along with young Mana as he is born out of the turmoil of a capsized canoe, washed upon the shores of life to find his way. He and his parents find refuge in Tonga and learn the importance of community…


…Little Mana celebrates his early years of life in Hawai‘i with the customary birthday lū‘au marking his survival in the world…


We next see Mana as a young boy in Aotearoa, or Maori New Zealand, where he is growing and becoming a young man…


…As he comes upon a beautiful maiden named Lani in Samoa, he learns about falling in love and earning the acceptance of her family…


…As he comes upon a beautiful maiden named Lani in Samoa, he learns about falling in love and earning the acceptance of her family. With love comes marriage and soon Mana and Lani are taking their vows in the romantic setting of Tahiti.


War touches their lives in Fiji…


…and Mana is saddened by the death of his father….


The story begins again with the celebration of life as Mana and Lani welcome their new baby into the world.


Quick Facts:

Production Cost: $3 million

Production Timeline: 3 years

Grand Opening: August 14, 2009

Length: 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

90 minutes with a 10 minute intermission

More Information Here

Cyborg vs. Carano the Video

The Gina Carano vs. Cris “Cyborg” Santos fight had to be one of the most entertaining MMA fights that I have seen in a long time.

Despite the fact that it only lasted one hour, these two ladies showed that women can get in the ring and mix it up and put on an entertaining fight.  A lot of folks say women shouldn’t be in this sport… but I say if they can keep providing entertaining fights like this… “BRING IT”!


I think the referee stopped the fight just a bit pre mature and I think that Carano was just stalling out and waiting for the bell to ring so she could catch her breath again.

Who knows… but I can’t wait to see the rematch.

$152,000 Allocated for Community Planning of Honokohau Village

I just noticed (8/11/09) that $152,000 that was allocated to Place Makers LLC for Community planning for “Honokohau Village Transit Oriented Development“.

It amazes me at how much can go into a village that isn’t even really developed yet… or is it?

Honokohau Properties