*Update* Mainland Videoblogger On Assignment for TMT Opposers? Millilani Trask Responds to Him… Others on Hidden Camera?

Just ran across a bunch of clips that have been posted by someone who is obviously posting youtube clips to make a buck and isn’t happy with the TMT project.

Before I go on and show the featured videos… I’ll pass on a few of his other youtube clips he has posted:

Alien Human Sperm Theft:


Is Making War on Iraq Like Making a Sandwich?


So without passing along judgment and just posting some of the previous stuff the guy has posted… here are some of his anti TMT videos he is now posting.

Here is what Millilani Trask gave the guy (part1):


Part 2:


And a very weird interview by the Waiakea High School Golf Coach a guy wearing a Waiakea High School golf shirt that appears to be done via hidden camera (I say this because he never looks in the camera once):


There are some other videos that you can find on his youtube site regarding this matter.

Looking at what he covers… he obviously is some sort of paid lobbyist… DESPITE Telling the coach above he wasn’t in the first part of the clip!


I have been told that the guy wearing the Waiakea Golf Shirt is not a coach on the team.  It is interesting how the camera pans to the Logo a few times though.

Bio of the Film Maker:

Name: John Sefick
Age: 69

Filmmaker for the last 5 years. I am a retired federal agent.

Hometown: Rio Rancho New Mexico

Interests and Hobbies: Astronomy founder of Chaco Canyon Observatory

Proposed Labor Reduction List – THE LAY OFF LIST

KGMB obtained the list of the State Government worker positions that may be laid off:

  • 357 = Human Services – (office assistants, registered nurses, child, homeless & social workers)
  • 305 = Health – (vector control workers, assistants, nurses)
  • 129 = Accounting & General Service – (janitors & IT specialists)
  • 118 = Agriculture – (plant quarantine inspectors, clerks & assistants)
  • 91 = Public Safety – (security officers & corrections officers)
  • 59 = Labor & Industrial Relations (occupational health & safety investigators)
  • 26 = Land & Natural Resources – (park caretakers)
  • 22 = Business & Economic Development – (film specialists & biz development specialists)
  • 16 = Defense – (general laborers)
  • 13 = Attorney General – (assistants & clerks)
  • 9 = Taxation – (cashiers)
  • 3 = Business & Finance – (analysts)
  • 0 = Human Resources Development

TOTAL: 1194

You can view a detail of the break down in an email sent from Gina Williams to House Finance Chair Rep. Marcus Oshiro here:

Proposed Labor Reduction List (Lay off list)

Feline Friday – Georgina the Hawaii Nui Brew “Mascot”

Last weekend when I stopped by the Hawaii Nui Brew plant to pick up beer for the meet and greet, I noticed this really friendly cat that was giving me a lot of love.  I was able to shoot this picture of him.

Notice the kegs of beer in the back... what a happy cat!

Notice the kegs of beer in the back... what a happy cat!

I just found out the story behind this cat.

Unofficial mascot Georgina lives next door to the brewery in Hilo. Originally from Kauai, she’s named after Keoki beer…

Backstory: Keoki means “George” in Hawaiian. Hawaii Nui means “great Hawaii”. Appologies to all Georges, we like Hawaii Nui”