The County of Hawaii’s Computer Network

I had the chance to jump on a computer today in a county office… and all I have to say… is no wonder no work gets done around this island.

I wasted so much time just waiting for things to download that I literally was thinking I was going crazy.

If county workers have to wait this long to download information, access information, and just be online… NO WONDER WHY WE ARE SO FAR BEHIND!

I seriously hope it was just the two computers that I happened to jump on… but these computers I did jump on… were controlled by some folks pretty high up in the ladder here in the county… and it really saddens me that our own county workers have such weak access to their own government services.

Something needs to be done immediately with the infrastructure of our own county offices and the internet services being provided to our county workers.

I worked the last decade in a very busy State Office on Oahu… NEVER WAS I THIS DELAYED IN ACCESSING PUBLIC INFORMATION ON A GOVERNMENT COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!

I did a virtual test of loading this blog on my phone… vs. the computer I was using… and I kid you not…  my phone loaded my website (which has a lot of RSS feeds) quicker then the counties computer allowed me to access my own blog… That was sad!

I’m gonna file this one under “comedy” as I’ve never dealt with such a slow internet system when doing what I was doing today…

What a joke… Hawaii County… start getting with it and at least provide your county workers with some decent computers and internet access.

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  1. But on the other hand, maybe that slows them down from all the stuff they can screw up.

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