UPDATE: Results and Pictures from 25th Annual Quiksilver/Kamaaina Nissan Big Island Pro-Am

Big Island Pro-Am


(Courtesy of Island Trust Realty)


  1. Bodyboard Final – 1. Matt Solomon 2. Kealoha Kaaua 3. Nacoma Herrington 4. Danie Villena 5. Micah Salazar 6. Jon Patrich Alcoran

  2. Men’s Longboard Final – 1. Wayne Victorino 2. Koa Enriquez 3. Sode Kabalis 4. John John 5. Alika Weber 6. Tomo Saito

  3. Women’s Open Final – 1. Shruti Kartik 2. Chelsea Sky 3. Tara Lani 4. Mary Anderson 5. Chloe Child

  4. Men’s Open Final – 1. Soliel Farnsworth 2. Joey Oda 3. Kamakana Edens 4. Youn Tarring 5. Dylan Sheehan 6. Adam Escobar



men's open

mens body

2 Responses

  1. It is impressive indeed!!

  2. Sode Kabalis is one heck of an athlete. Congratulations to all that participated.
    I’m impressed Damon had how quickly you got these results posted. Mahalo

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