There Seems to be Some Controversy About My Place of Birth

A new birth certificate has been found courtesy of Burl Burlingame and it does state that I too, just like Barack Obama, was not born here in America but in Kenya.

You can click for a full view of it

You can click for a full view of it

5 Responses

  1. Hahahahahahaha!!!

  2. PFFT is so the new “Shootz!”

  3. Su, that was a short labor!

    Damon, your mother has a better sense of humor than you do! Pfft! LOL.

  4. Damon you are too funny. MW

  5. Then why was I in so much pain for 3 hours on Sept 12th 1969, in a Hollywood, CA hospital that I wanted to divorce your Dad???? Oh, it must have been a long Pfft. ;-)

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