Facebook Applications… Quit Poking Me

So I joined Facebook a while back, and I’m just curious why are there so many fricking little applications on there!

I keep getting cyber beers, drinks, hugs, kisses, pots of golds and whatever else sent to me.  They are kind of annoying I guess for me.

I understand facebook is a great tool for communicating and I find myself using it more and more, it’s just that I’m going to start turning off these applications as they are sent to me.

I really don’t have time to be going back and forth sending beers online to my old partying buddies from High School… But if they want to send me a real beer in the mail… they can have my address.

And that whole annoying “Poke” feature… That’s pretty strange to be getting “Poked” by folks!!!  I certainly don’t know how my wife would feel about me poking folks.

Why can’t they use a term like “Nudge” or “notify” or “send aloha” … but “POKE”?  Does anyone enjoy getting “poked” in real life?

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