Let’s Support Burl… “Satan Arriving at God’s Office” in the New Yorker VOTING ENDS TODAY

“Honolulu Agonizer” blogger (see right hand column)  and Star-Bulletin “All-Everything” tweeted the following earlier:

Hey, vote for me! I am, amazingly, a finalist in Roger Ebert’s New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest

This is totally cool… there were thousands of entries and for him to be selected for this is pretty cool.

Here is the cartoon that was asked to be commented on and below it is the comments that were selected as finalists:

Caption Contest

  • 1. “…and if He doesn’t understand modern art, who does?” — Ryan Ross (nominated by Michael R.)
  • 2. “And You Are….?” — chad donoley (nominated by Tennmile)
  • 3. “Careful. He’s been in a bad mood since November 24, 1859.” – by Karl (nominated by Marie Haws)
  • 4. “He’s omniscient. Of course he can see you now.” — John B. (nominated by Gary in Phoenix)
  • 5. “I just got back from ‘Transformers,’ and I want to apologize.” — Paul Arrand Rodgers (nominated byJosh Pothen)
  • 6. “I thought they looked like birds too, but he says not to take his work so literally.” — Daniel (nominated by Randy Masters)
  • 7. “I’m sorry, cleanliness is next door” — Jeremy Wells (nominated by Julia Spencer)
  • 8. “If he is so all-knowing, why is there a couch in the waiting room?” — Mike L. (nominated by Corey Stern)
  • 9. “If I were you, I’d have worn a tie.” –Brandon S. (nominated by Matt Genné )
  • 10. “Is He in?” — Tom of Huntsville (nominated by Matt Johnson)
  • 11. “Just be yourself in there.” — Michael Bultemeier (nominated by Michael Hannon)
  • 12. “Oh, dear…Match.com was WAY off on this one.” — jrdeaver (nominated by William Ballik)
  • 13. “Please tell Mister One-Set-of-Footprints-in-the-Sand that audit is here for the 3:00.” — Eric Iversen (nominated by Haley Watkins)
  • 14. “Seriously, Jesus, that’s not your best choice for a Halloween costume.” — by Bill Hays (nominated by Dave Van Dyke and mazinge)
  • 15. “The Lord works in mysterious ways, but this is just easier.” — Corey Stern on July 19, 2009 1:24 AM (nominated by Tony Sams, Wilmington, North Carolina)
  • 16. “You’d better take a seat. Michael Jackson just went in ahead of you.” — by Burl Burlingame (nominated by Dan Hanegan)
  • 17. “You’re next, Rush.” — Scott Kagan, Nevada (nominated by rapn1rabbi)
  • 18. “And what am I supposed to do exactly?’ — Siddharth of India (nominated by Tom Dark)

Here is what Roger Ebert said about this extension of the deadline of the current contest:

…I originally said I would read the nominations, choose my three favorites, and ask readers to vote on their favorite. However, I have been overcome by a sense of fair play. The Yew Yorker’s judges act behind an inscrutable veil. Why should we? I have posted all seventeen nominations, and ask you to decide.

We are voting for a caption for New Yorker contest #200, showing Satan arriving at God’s office. The cartoon is reproduced below the nominees. The nominations have been been alphabetized, then numbered from 1 to 18. Please follow voting instructions carefully. We won’t want another Florida 2000.

1. Send an e-mail to answerman@gmail.com  2. On the Subject line, type the word “Caption” and the number of your candidate, 1 through 18. 3. That’s it. No message is necessary. I will read only the headers. Polls close at 4 p.m, CDT Tuesday, Aug. 4. May the best caption win.

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