Reminder… The Circus Will Be Live Streamed Tomorrow…

I can’t wait to watch tomorrow’s circus played out in front of all of us tomorrow live streamed on the INTERNET FOR THE WORLD TO SEE!

Will Update this tomorrow with the exact link…

Remember council… not only is the Big Island now watching…. the world is going to watch tomorrow.

Think about your actions.

(Council Lady Naeole… Really Search Hard and Heavy Tonight for what God Would Really Tell You!!! Hugs!)


From the Governors Office:

Governor Linda Lingle announced that the State today will begin delivering written layoff notices to the approximately 1,100 State employees who were previously notified their positions could be eliminated.  The notices state the positions of the affected employees will be eliminated as of November 13, 2009.  Some of the employees may have the ability to “bump” persons with less seniority, and so it is unknown at this time which of the 1,100 notified individuals will actually lose their jobs.  Because of these “bumping rights” it is also unknown at this time how much money the State will actually save from the elimination of these positions.

Governor Lingle also announced that she has instructed her Cabinet today to begin the process of identifying other State employees who may be subject to a second round of layoffs that might be needed in order to realize additional savings in the cost of running State government.  It is not known at this time how many employees might be in this second wave of layoffs or Reduction in Force (RIF).  FAQs on the RIF policy will be available on the Department of Human Resources Development’s ( and the Governor’s ( websites by the end of the day.

“It is unfortunate we must take these difficult steps today,” said Governor Lingle.  “Furloughs have always been my first choice to achieve significant labor cost reductions needed to address the unprecedented budget shortfall the State is facing.”

“Since the summer of 2008, my Administration has reduced State spending by approximately $2 billion, without significantly reducing labor costs, except through attrition.  But the simple facts are that our actual tax revenues for the past fiscal year, combined with the Council on Revenues’ projections for the current fiscal year means the State is still facing a budget shortfall of $786 million through June 30, 2011.  Our current expenses continue to exceed our projected revenues and our labor costs equal approximately 70 percent of our general fund expenses.  Therefore, in order to balance the budget, as the State Constitution requires, we must significantly reduce our labor expenses.  I empathize with our employees and realize these layoffs will have a significant impact on the affected employees and their families.  I sincerely wish this situation could have been avoided.”

Governor Lingle also announced that she will furlough approximately 900 state employees for three days per month effective September 1, 2009.  These “exempt excluded” employees are all non-union employees, who are not covered by Judge Karl Sakamoto’s order barring the Governor from unilaterally implementing furloughs for union employees.  It is expected that these furloughs will save the State approximately $7 million to $10 million for each twelve-month period the furloughs are in effect.  Governor Lingle will also explore whether there are other employees, not covered by Judge Sakamoto’s order that she can also furlough.

These actions by Governor Lingle are based on the State’s current financial projections.  The State Council on Revenues will meet on August 27 and again in January.  If those projections show lower revenues for the State, further cost cutting will be necessary.

Bye Lana, Hello Felicia… Yes It’s Hurricane Season in Hawaii Again

Forecasters say Hurricane Felicia continuing to intensify rapidly, now is a category 2 storm and could be near Hawaii in 5 days. 21 minutes ago from BNO Headquarters


Rebroadcast of This Morning’s Council Meeting

You can watch a rebroadcast of this morning’s Council meeting here ,

Thank you to for providing archived footage of it.


Not knocking the ADA or Technology… but for the county to say that the public can’t do something… LOL.

Save your money county council… you folks might be needing it in the near future to protect yourself in a Sunshine Case.

If this little act doesn’t win you folks this years “Lava Tube” award by the Big Island Press Club… I don’t know what would.


Highway 130 Updates… and Another Meeting?

This is kind of odd news to me, they are having more KPAG meetings for the Kea`au – Pahoa Highway 130 Project.

As one of the members of the group, I got the following emailed to me, which this seems like a very strange way to announce that meetings have started up again.


We look forward to your participation at our next KPAG Meeting scheduled for:

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2009 at 5:45 PM

at the Keaau Elementary School.

Our agenda will cover discussions on the Environmental Assessment (EA).  A status update can be found in this newsletter.


On June 10 and 19, 2009, SSFM staff visited residents along the Keaau-Pahoa Road to seek permission prior to field staff entering or crossing their property to conduct fieldwork necessary for the EA. Flyers that outlined the fieldwork to be conducted, were left with the residents and left on the doorsteps of those who were not available.  Completion of this field work is expected by September 2009.


In response to a question posed at a KPAG meeting, HDOT determined that the estimated cost for the installation of the traffic signal at Shower Drive is approximately $450,000. The new traffic signal is part of the Keaau-Pahoa Road Shoulder Lane Conversion project which will provide a permanent second northbound lane for motorists and a shoulder for bicyclists and pedestrians, and improvements to the mauka shoulder to be used as a shoulder lane during afternoon peak traffic hours. Construction is expected to begin in Fall 2010.


July 2009

HDOT’s consultant team is performing analyses needed to complete the Environmental Assessment (EA), as required by the National Environmental Policy Act and Hawaii Chapter 343. In a number of cases, team members have visited (or will visit) the study area to assess the existing environment and future impacts of the project, both during construction and after the improved facility opens. Here is the current status of this work as of mid-July 2009:


SSFM International is responsible for producing the EA document and for designing the roadway to a preliminary design level that can be studied in the EA. These efforts are both underway and on schedule.


Roger Dyar, the traffic consultant, is currently performing the traffic analysis for this project. This includes computer modeling of the traffic in the corridor to determine the functioning of intersection designs. He will also model travel speeds and evaluate the performance of the roadway along Keaau-Pahoa Road. He is modeling traffic under all project alternatives, for both AM and PM peak hours, and for different years of analysis. Addressing safety and existing deficiencies are an important part of his work. His traffic data will influence the design of the roadway, and it is also needed to model noise and air impacts.


The firm Earthplan is studying the socioeconomics impacts of the project area. They have assembled existing data on demographics and socio-economics in the study area. They will be conducting interviews with members of the community as part of their analysis. Their study is expected to be complete by

the end of the summer.


BD Neal and Associates is studying the air quality effects of the project, and will be performing modeling of air quality using computer models approved by the EPA and the Federal Highway Administration. The analysis will determine if future air pollution would exceed federal or state standards. The modeling will be performed once traffic data completed.


DL Adams and Associates is evaluating noise impacts from the project. They will be taking measurements of existing noise levels and predicting future noise levels using a computer model created by the Federal Highway Administration. This analysis will be performed once traffic data is completed.


Geometrician Associates has performed a field study of botanical resources in the corridor, to document if any threatened or endangered plant species are present in the corridor. Their fieldwork has been completed and their final report will be available shortly.


Rana Environmental Consulting has been performing fieldwork in the corridor on fauna to determine if the project will have an impact on threatened or endangered species, particularly birds or bats. Fieldwork has been underway and a report will be available within the next few weeks.


AECOS has been looking at aquatic resources and water quality associated with surface waters found in the corridor. They performed fieldwork earlier this summer and documented their findings of resources in a draft report that is currently being edited to final form.


CMF Engineers is studying drainage in the corridor and helping our designers ensure that the project will improve drainage problems and not create new drainage problems in the corridor. Their findings will also document the impacts of the project on floodplains. The hydrology report is scheduled for completion in August.


Cultural Surveys Hawaii will be performing fieldwork to search for archaeological resources in the study area. They are also conducting a Cultural Impact Assessment of the corridor to document the anticipated effects of this project on traditional cultural practices. Background data has been collected for both efforts and future work will involve field visits and interviews with local residents. The archeology study will be completed by the end of the summer. The Cultural Impact Study will take several weeks longer.


MK Engineers is assisting the project designers in determining the effects of the project on utility relocations. They are also involved in estimating the electrical construction costs of the project. They will be in contact with utility companies to confirm the potential impacts to utility lines within the corridor. The utility relocations analysis will begin when preliminary design has defined the anticipated limits of construction and right-of-way. This is expected to be completed by the end of August, with the utility relocations analysis completed in mid-September.

Let’s Support Burl… “Satan Arriving at God’s Office” in the New Yorker VOTING ENDS TODAY

“Honolulu Agonizer” blogger (see right hand column)  and Star-Bulletin “All-Everything” tweeted the following earlier:

Hey, vote for me! I am, amazingly, a finalist in Roger Ebert’s New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest

This is totally cool… there were thousands of entries and for him to be selected for this is pretty cool.

Here is the cartoon that was asked to be commented on and below it is the comments that were selected as finalists:

Caption Contest

  • 1. “…and if He doesn’t understand modern art, who does?” — Ryan Ross (nominated by Michael R.)
  • 2. “And You Are….?” — chad donoley (nominated by Tennmile)
  • 3. “Careful. He’s been in a bad mood since November 24, 1859.” – by Karl (nominated by Marie Haws)
  • 4. “He’s omniscient. Of course he can see you now.” — John B. (nominated by Gary in Phoenix)
  • 5. “I just got back from ‘Transformers,’ and I want to apologize.” — Paul Arrand Rodgers (nominated byJosh Pothen)
  • 6. “I thought they looked like birds too, but he says not to take his work so literally.” — Daniel (nominated by Randy Masters)
  • 7. “I’m sorry, cleanliness is next door” — Jeremy Wells (nominated by Julia Spencer)
  • 8. “If he is so all-knowing, why is there a couch in the waiting room?” — Mike L. (nominated by Corey Stern)
  • 9. “If I were you, I’d have worn a tie.” –Brandon S. (nominated by Matt Genné )
  • 10. “Is He in?” — Tom of Huntsville (nominated by Matt Johnson)
  • 11. “Just be yourself in there.” — Michael Bultemeier (nominated by Michael Hannon)
  • 12. “Oh, dear… was WAY off on this one.” — jrdeaver (nominated by William Ballik)
  • 13. “Please tell Mister One-Set-of-Footprints-in-the-Sand that audit is here for the 3:00.” — Eric Iversen (nominated by Haley Watkins)
  • 14. “Seriously, Jesus, that’s not your best choice for a Halloween costume.” — by Bill Hays (nominated by Dave Van Dyke and mazinge)
  • 15. “The Lord works in mysterious ways, but this is just easier.” — Corey Stern on July 19, 2009 1:24 AM (nominated by Tony Sams, Wilmington, North Carolina)
  • 16. “You’d better take a seat. Michael Jackson just went in ahead of you.” — by Burl Burlingame (nominated by Dan Hanegan)
  • 17. “You’re next, Rush.” — Scott Kagan, Nevada (nominated by rapn1rabbi)
  • 18. “And what am I supposed to do exactly?’ — Siddharth of India (nominated by Tom Dark)

Here is what Roger Ebert said about this extension of the deadline of the current contest:

…I originally said I would read the nominations, choose my three favorites, and ask readers to vote on their favorite. However, I have been overcome by a sense of fair play. The Yew Yorker’s judges act behind an inscrutable veil. Why should we? I have posted all seventeen nominations, and ask you to decide.

We are voting for a caption for New Yorker contest #200, showing Satan arriving at God’s office. The cartoon is reproduced below the nominees. The nominations have been been alphabetized, then numbered from 1 to 18. Please follow voting instructions carefully. We won’t want another Florida 2000.

1. Send an e-mail to  2. On the Subject line, type the word “Caption” and the number of your candidate, 1 through 18. 3. That’s it. No message is necessary. I will read only the headers. Polls close at 4 p.m, CDT Tuesday, Aug. 4. May the best caption win.