Today’s Council Meeting to Be Live Streamed, Tweeted, Then Clipped and Archived on the Internet… WE ARE WATCHING

I just noticed that Margaret Wille’s Blog will be attempting the first ever live stream of a County Council meeting to the public tomorrow.

I love it… what the county won’t provide… the people will!

I have to say props to local company AMARAK.TV who appear to be the folks providing this service.

I have also contacted RJ Mendoza and if he is going to be at the meeting, then he will be providing some twitter coverage of the meeting at the top of my blog.

I appreciate all of those that are working to make our government more open and transparent to all of us… Even if our own government won’t do that for us.

Also, don’t forget to check out Big Island Video News for continuing coverage of events that are rarely ever covered by anyone else on this island.

If a single picture is worth a thousand word then what is a video worth?

Here’s just some of his recent clips:

VIDEO: Sights, sounds of Hawaii canoe championships August 3
VIDEO: Puna skatepark blessed before King of the Vert August 3
VIDEO: Elmo at Hilo Imiloa Astronomy Center August 3
VIDEO: Hilo hospital wins Heart Association award August 3
VIDEO: Hawaii welcomes Washington D.C. halau August 3
VIDEO: George W. Bush presidency evaluated in Hilo August 3
VIDEO: Last leap of summer at Coconut Island August 1

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  1. Well if you want something done right……lol.

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