Beauty and the Beast


Before I left for California, I mentioned a brief blurb about a Beauty and a Beast and to stay tuned…


Asian Supermodel Jacylnn Joseph has returned home to the Big Island for a short vacation where she has been seen in local spots such as her former place of employment, Luquins Restaraunt in Pahoa Town,  hanging out with her father and a certain beast from the blogging community.


Unfortunately, the picture from that luncheon didn’t turn out very well as I had stains all over my shirt and I wasn’t going to publish that.

I did get permission from Ms. Joseph to publish some of her pictures from modeling work that she has done… but with due respect to her father, Wayne Joseph, I’ll try and keep him from blushing too much.


Although I didn’t get the picture I wanted at Luquins… I was fortunate enough to run into her again at the Big Island Press Club’s Scholarship Dinner, where I begged and pleaded with her for another picture and she was gracious enough to strike a pose.

No Wayne... my hand is not on your daughter's butt!

No Wayne... my hand is not on your daughter's butt!

Jacylnn has been having a great time back on the Big Island and is doing all the sin’s that a model like her shouldn’t be doing… like eating, going out, and having fun!

You can check out her Model Mayhem site here, Jacylnn Joseph, and if you are on facebook… you can also find her there.

She’s a real sweet girl with a great head on her great body… Wait did I say that right?

Look for Jacylunn Joseph to really go big in the next few years across the world.   Thanks for the shirt from Taipei and thanks for the lunch Mr. Joseph.

4 Responses

  1. Sweetness! Hawaii heaven it seems ~ Cheers! LOL

  2. Jeeze Damon! Are you Twittering with a beautiful girl on your arm?!! Whatsamattayou?!!

    Damon – Busted! Um… Maybe I’m twittering that I’ve got a beautiful girl on my arm… LOL.

    I guess that’s what happens to us married guys and our toys… Lose interest in one thing and stay focused on another.

  3. hahaha, no way! This is so sweet of you, thank you so much! I’ve posted links to the story on my facebook page.

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