King of the VERT, Pics and Clips From Pahoa Skateboard Contest


  1. Isiah

  2. Hanal’e

  3. Tristan

  4. 10-13 Finals starting now… 1st up Tristan

  5. Skyview of Pahoa Community CenterPahoacommunitycenter

  6. Mahalo to the sponsors

  7. Even girls can do “Ollies”

  8. Joseph ripping

  9. The speakers need to cool off… 10 minute free skate

  10. Hanal’e part 2

  11. 11 year old Hanal’e McGuire. Ripping it up
  12. Tianna McGuire – 13 year old WAHINE Shredder from Pahoa #Hawaii:
  13. John ripping

  14. For the sponsors

  15. Tristan shredding it

  16. 12 year old Isiah RIPPING it up in Pahoa King of the Vert #skateboarding contest

  17. The judges

  18. 10 – 13 year old Shayden

  19. Dan Jessup video

  20. Chili for lunch at the Vert contest vertchili

  21. Judging the 9 and under scores vertjudges

  22. A view from the Judges Perch at the #skateboard contest vertjudgeperch

  23. 5th District Council Lady Emily Naeole with aide RJ Hampton
  24. Another crowd shot from the King of The Vert Contest vertcrowd2

  25. Jason Kisling performing his made up trick “The Gnolly Front Foot Impossible”

  26. One of the prizes for the King of the Vert contest in Pahoa verttrophy

  27. 9 year old Pahoa veteran Sampson

  28. 9 year olds continue.

  29. 9 year old Evan ripping it up

  30. 9 year old female “Sunny D” barefoot and all:

  31. 9 year old drew:

  32. 5 minutes until the start of Kthe King of the Vert” 9 and under contest
  33. Legislative Aides RJ Hampton and “Sativa” at the Pahoa Vert Skate Contest vert2

  34. Crowd shot at the Pahoa Vert contest. vert1

  35. Kenoi says aloha pt. 2

  36. Mayor Kenoi says aloha pt. 1

  37. Video from The Vert

  38. 5th District Council Lady Emily Naeole says aloha to the folks of Pahoa at the Vert Contest

  39. Video from the Pahoa Vert skateboard warm ups

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  1. Yeah, GO Trison!
    Happy to be a part of this, great pictures and videos!

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