Mahalo to the Big Island Press Club

I’d just like to thank all of the members of the Big Island Press Club that took their time to introduce themselves to an “Outsider” such as me at their Club Scholarship dinner tonight at the Hilo Seaside Resort.

I learned a real quick and easy lesson… and that is that cell phones suck as camera’s indoors with not much light… and that my “Data Plan” on my phone sucks big time.

I only had one major outage the entire time I was in California and within a matter of a half an hour to an hour I think I backed up my phone with so much outgoing data… that it froze up for a while.

Of course in California I was able to take advantage of the T-Mobile G3 Network that is available… of course it’s not available here in Hawaii.

Mayor Billy Kenoi is very gracious to those that represent the “Press” on the Big Island and even went as far as telling us three of the reasons why he chose Hunter Bishop and the other former Journalists as his aides.

One of the key things that stood out… was that they care about their community in an unbiased way… and they are informed.

Mayor Kenoi then allowed questions from the members of the BIPC.  I’ll let those that asked them blog about them if they feel like doing so.

I asked Mayor Kenoi when the counties website would get updated… He deferred to Hunter Bishop who pretty much through it onto something else talking about videos and what not.

I should have stopped him there and just said… No… I want a new website… not just some stuff added onto it.

Our county website has to be the ugliest thing.

It’s not just the front site… it’s all of the damn county office sites need to be updated!  They look like they were built in 1995 or something… I mean seriously!

Once again, I’d like to thank the BIPC for allowing someone who isn’t even a member to come in and take a look at what this organization is about.


Here is my favorite blurry picture of the night… Tiffany Edwards Hunt dominating Mayor Kenoi in a spur of the moment conversation.

tiffany and billy

*Side note

Mayor Kenoi… Thanks for showing up on time. I was asked to be a “filler” for time if you weren’t there on time! That would have really put people to sleep!

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  1. Not sure if you’re using HawaiianTel ADSL or Road Runner Cable Modem.

    If you’re on ADSL you can connect for free at Skywave hotspots:

    Throughout the state The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf shops are good Skywave hotspots to use, only TCB&TL on the Big Island is in Kona next to Sack ‘n Save. There’s one in the Ala Moana food court if you’re on Oahu.

    If you’re on Road Runner there are Speed Zones

    Not all the Speed Zones are listed there. Hilo Seaside has one and there’s one in Waimea at Parker Ranch Shopping Center, kind of towards the main street, might be from Radio Shack across the street or something.

    For either of these you’ll need an email address and email address password for each of those systems. Best way is to have a friend make you an email address on their account and you do likewise on your account. That way you’ll be set-up for both Skywave and SpeedZone if they use a different broadband provider.

    If you’re at Starbucks you can get 2 hours/day free if you’ve registered a Starbucks card online and used it at least once a month. Or if you have an iPhone you can use it at Starbucks or McDonalds for free. Maybe there’s an app that will spoof the G1 into looking like an iPhone to the network?

  2. Baron… you have helped me so much … I can’t say thanks enough… I’m just not as knowledgeable as you… and I probably never will be.

    When I hooked up to the wifi through Coconut Grill’s system on my phone it allowed me access it for about 90 seconds… then asked me for a password??? I then browsed other networks through my phone and found a few others that were available… I had the same problem.

    Baron… I must remind you… as well as all of my readers of this blog… that I’m not as technically savvy as many folks are now… or may think I may be.

    The last year I haven’t done anything to progress my knowledge and I’m still fighting my own hate of cell phone technology at this point.

    I was one of those folks that didn’t even want a cell phone when they first came out… had one for a year… and hated it. Now 10 years later… I survive by it.

    I’m just re-learning things on my own and taking things step at a time.

    I figure if it’s taken this many years for folks on the Big Island to realize the power of the internet…. they can wait a few more months before I really pull off what I want to do.

    Plus… I need to get the nice equipment like you have!

    Seriously though folks…

    This is just my blog… If I was getting paid to do this… I’d make sure data plans are working… etc.

    I only offered to attempt to blog to the BIPC site… at the very last second…. I didn’t do much testing… and I certainly didn’t anticipate the problems I had.

    It’s a learning experience for me if all else fails… I’m glad no one is relying upon my blog for anything… remember… I do have that disclosure on the right hand column.

    This is my blog…

    I want it to be the best I can… but geez folks… I can only do what I can with what little tools I have.

    Maybe I should through up a “Donate” button and put it to some tools….

    “Nah” no can do that right now because of Unemployment.

    I blog because I enjoy blogging…

    I wish I had the tools you professionals have… as well as the “deepthroats/sponsors/ and knowledge”.

    I’m just a dude blogging away…

    I hope my son appreciates what I’m doing now… in 13 years.

  3. Why didn’t you just use WiFi at Coconut Grill? They have both Skywave for HawaiianTel DSL subscribers and RoadRunner SpeedZone for RoadRunner subscribers. My laptop was connected at high speed while there.

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